Apex Legends Mobile Reveals New Legend, Rhapsody

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Apex Legends Mobile Reveals New Legend, Rhapsody

Respawn Entertainment has revealed the next platform-exclusive legend arriving on Apex Legends Mobile, Rhapsody.

Since the game's launch, Apex Legends mobile has been flooded with several platform-exclusive content. And, with Season 1 almost drawing to a close, Respawn Entertainment has revealed a new Legend to join the fray. To up the excitement by a notch, Respawn has been pushing out exclusive legends for fans of the mobile port, with their last one being Fade.

The DJ-themed Legend is all set to ‘make some noise' with her unique ability kit that forms a wall around her enemies, as revealed in the trailer. The launch trailer shows the Legend navigating her way through the neon-lit streets of Pythas, a dystopian cyberpunk-esque city that is home to numerous “corporate vampires” she once swore to destroy. Obsessed with music with a sidekick to accompany her, the new Legends' interesting ability kit allows her to engage her enemies with her abilities that revolve around sound.

“Originally from Kómma, where the tech giant Pythas Inc. controls all, Rhapsody has used her love of music to rise out of poverty in the dangerous nightlife district of Neon Dunes and become one of the hottest Legends on the Apex scene,” reads the official press release for the legend. “Her mother, a brilliant AI engineer who created Rhapsody's companion Rowdy, was fired from Pythas Inc. for discovering deep company secrets and now she must compete in the Apex Games under their banner to help free her family from debt.”

Fans should expect more information in the coming days regarding the legend's kit before her launch on July 12. Season 2, titled Distortion, will also bring along a new map titled Pythas Block 8, although the specifics to which haven't been revealed yet.

Apex Fans can get their hands on the swanky new agent set to hit live servers on Friday, July 12. Season 2 will also debut on the same day, so fans should use this time in order to get the maximum rank possible and get rewarded during the start of the next Season. Besides introducing a new Legend, the next season is also rumored to include several weapon balance changes.


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