Apex Legends Mid-Season Patch Notes

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Apex Legends Mid-Season Patch Notes

The Apex Legends Mid-Season Patch Notes are finally here with a few balance changes and quality-of-life updates

Apex’s collaboration event with Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is a new stepping stone for Apex. With that, the game is also bringing some balance updates in the wake of the new ranked split.  We will look into all the important changes the game is bringing forward going forward with the season.

Apex Legends Mid-Season Patch Notes:

The patch brought forward changes to both Legends and weapons, which we will look into. There are also some map changes that we will discuss.



  • Her spikes do not activate unless enemies are in the line of sight with the core of the trap. This will prevent her from damaging enemies through walls and doors.
  • The spikes will still slow down enemies if stepped on.



  • She has improved audio when she falls
  • Soft landing audio will play for everyone in the world
  • Gravity lift exit audio increased so that players can know when she is entering and exiting the lift


  • If a castle wall breaks, he’ll have voice lines play, indicating the wall has been broken
  • His ultimate can break through Catalyst’s ultimate
  • Crypto EMP can break his mobile shield
  • Balance changes that were not added before will be added now


  • Friendly Maggie Wrecking Ball and Crypto EMP no longer break her walls


  • His decoys will no longer break as easily, and any decoy broken by terrain will be refunded.
  • Decoys will not perform reviving animation
  • Decoys will ADS like the player now



  • Faster empty reload time
  • Faster tactical reload time
  • Faster unholster time


  • Reduced damage by 1. Used to do 12, now does 11

Car SMG:

  • Damage reduced by 1. It used to be 13, now does 12


  • Alternator replaces Volt in crafter
  • Hemlock replaces R-301 in crafter

Mixtape Map Changes

Map Rotation


  • Hammond Labs and Production Yard are out
  • Lava Siphon and Caustic Treatment are in

Gun Run

  • The Core, Estates, and Wattson’s Pylon are out
  • Skulltown, Fragment East, and ZEUS Station are in


  • ZEUS Station, Skulltown, and Phase Runner are out
  • Wattson’s Pylon, Party Crasher, and Overflow are in

Battle Royale (Casual)

The Final Fantasy event will take over Casual Battle Royale, which will feature a unique game mode with elements from Final Fantasy.


The changes brought forward will bring forth some meta-changes. Horizon finally got the audio update we all wanted. There also seems to be a focus on shifting the SMG meta with the two SMG nerfs this patch brought.

Apex Legends Mid-Season Patch Notes
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