Apex Legends: How To Play Fuse Guide, Tips And Tricks

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Apex Legends: How To Play Fuse Guide, Tips And Tricks

Fuse is the Legend joining us in Season 8 Mayhem. Here are our tips and tricks to get the best experience on Fuse.

Apex Legends Season 8 is out. Fans are getting to grips with the latest Legend and other Season 8 goodies. Fuse the high explosive DPS character hailing from the fight pits on Salvo is out, reigning death and destruction with his explosive and detonation-themed kit. Here are some of the best tips, tricks and guides on how to play Fuse in Season 8.

Fuse’s Abilities

  • Passive – Grenadier
    • Stack an extra grenade per inventory slot. Fire grenades farther, faster, and more accurately.
  • Tactical – Knuckle Cluster
    • Launch a cluster bomb that continuously expels airburst explosives on impact.
  • Ultimate – The Motherlode
    • Launch a bombardment that encircles a target area in a wall of flames.

Fuse is a new beginner-friendly, damage-based Legend. He strips away the difficulty of inventory management while adding the fun of blowing enemy Legends to pieces. The extra grenades in your inventory are a nice touch. Combine that with more reliable throwing speeds and distance, and we have a friendly Legend up for grabs.

Furthermore, Fuse’s abilities work well on fighting teams hunkered down in outdoor and indoor positions. Fuse will want to breach and clear with his Knuckle Cluster or Motherlode ability and get kills for his team.

Gameplay Tips

Fuse is a DPS Legend that ideally wants to get into combat and blow as many things up as possible. Whether it is outdoor or indoors, Fuse has the kit to cause mayhem in either scenario.

The Knuckle Cluster and the Motherlode both work well in both settings, but there are a few tips and tricks to use them better.

Outdoor Tips and Tricks

Outdoor gameplay is arguably the best use of Fuse’s abilities. Knuckle Cluster is great for firing into the chokepoints of King’s Canyon or in close-quarters situations. Close quarter situations can get hairy for enemy squads as shieldless and downed opponents will feel the pressure.

Another good tip for the Knuckle Cluster is to align the cluster grenade behind cover. Teams using that cover will feel the pain of potentially 50 damage per grenade. Chuck a few Incendiaries, Arc Stars or HEs and you have a devastating synergy.

For other outdoor situations, the Motherlode ability is excellent. You can hail down a red ring of fire and keep them locked in position. Launch more grenades and send your teammates in to mop up the rest. Alternatively, you can catch a team in the open and keep them in the ring of fire with no cover. That is a nice tip to win no-cover fights with a surprise. Better yet, you can use the ultimate to lock down a fleeing team using a Wraith or Zipline to a safe destination.

Indoor Tips and Tricks

If a kit all about blowing things up works well outdoors, you better believe it works indoors. Knuckle Cluster is a useful ability, capable of taking outdoors, room campers and more. Knuckle Cluster is also a splendid way to scout out enemies in buildings. Suspect an enemy is in a room, just launch a cluster in there and see how many people take damage.

Also, if you know players are camped inside a building, using things like Rampart Walls, Gas Cannisters, Wattson Fences, then they can come tumbling down with a well-placed Knuckle Cluster.

If you really like mayhem, you can always launch a Motherlode inside your current building. It is like the “this is fine” meme as everything around you burns. But at least you are getting damage out onto enemies. Memes aside, this is a miniature Caustic ultimate. The difference is your allies get to push as they don’t take team damage from your flames.

Final Circle

The final circle tends to be complete spam of everything all remaining teams have. Ultimates, grenades, it doesn’t matter. Fuse is one of those Legends that is always going to perform well in the final circle. He can just nuke everything in sight and try to get kills that way.

First game with Fuse and this happens from apexlegends


Apex Legends character Gibraltar runs into a smoky battlefield with a holographic shield in front of him absorbing a bullet in his large, futuristic looking armor
Gibraltar is a natural counter to Fuse. Image via Respawn Entertainment.

While Fuse is very strong at the moment, he has his weaknesses. The two natural counters in the game are Wattson and Gibraltar. These two tanks provide ways to give their team safety from bullets and or explosions.

Wattson’s pylons have always been the hard counter to throwables in the game. Any throwable that comes in the line of sight of her pylons gets zapped out of existence. These pylons can theoretically deny twice as much utility against Fuse teams. The Pylon can also counter Knuckle Clusters completely as they zap the cluster charge. The only thing that it doesn’t reliably zap is the Motherlode as it comes out of the sky.

Gibraltar also directly counters Fuse through his Dome. The dome’s shields can withstand lots of damage, meaning his clusters will sit on the dome and do nothing to the Legends inside. However, if the Fuse somehow makes it inside, it will turn as chaotic as indoor fights.

On the other hand, Fuse hard counters the other two tanks, Caustic and Rampart. Caustic and Rampart place deployables that Knuckle Clusters can destroy. As already mentioned, an indoor Motherlode works similarly to a Caustic ultimate, so there is a way to punish a caustic charging into an indoor caustic ultimate.

Team Composition Guide

With Fuse’s kit all about damage, the teams that can support getting Fuse’s grenades and abilities in play flatter him.

Bloodhound is one such legend that works well with Fuse. The Bloodhound tracking will take Fuse right into enemy teams. Then, Fuse can unleash his full kit on a tracked team, setting up ideal kill windows.

Horizon is another good synergy as Horizon’s ult naturally gravitates enemies into one location. Throw those grenades and clusters into it, and you have a recipe for success.

Caustic is a good pick for Fuse teams has he can punish some of the natural counters to Fuse. After all, a Gibraltar dome doesn’t work if they are choking on gas. That makes them pick the poison of choking in the dome or running through the flames of a Motherlode.

Crypto is another excellent companion for Fuse, as his drone works great for scouting enemy locations. Furthermore, his EMP ult can knock shields down, making them ready for devastating Knuckle Clusters.

With that said, we hope you learned a thing or two from our Fuse guide. There are many tips and tricks to this Legend. Mastering these will no doubt make Fuse a very fun, easy, yet strong Legend to bring to a firefight.

Featured image via Respawn Entertainment.

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