Apex Legends: EU Tournament Postponed Due to Extreme Heatwave

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Apex Legends: EU Tournament Postponed Due to Extreme Heatwave

The tournament organizers of Hyperluxe revealed their decision to postpone the Apex Legends tournament due to a mass heatwave across the UK.

With several successful tournaments in North America, Hyperluxe is looking to expand to the European Apex Legends scene. In an effort to protect players from the excessive heat spreading across the EU, many events, sports and esports tournaments have been delayed across the English coast.

“Due to the unbearable temperature in the UK we will be postponing today's event until everyone can compete comfortably,” said the tournament organizers in a Twitter post. “The health and safety of our participants is our top priority,” read the tweet released by HyperLuxeGG. The UK has stayed relatively cold over the last many years, and air conditioning never felt needed. Gaming PC rigs get relatively hot during an extended gaming session, and it feels like a distant dream to hold a tournament, online or offline, given the current condition of the climate.

The Operational Meteorologist at the Met Office, Simon Partridge, revealed that parts of southeast England could exceed 35°C on Sunday. We are currently looking at a 30% chance of seeing the hottest temperature recorded in the UK. The warning by the Met Office is in full effect on Sunday from 12.01 am till 11.59 pm. With a Red Extreme Heat Warning in various places in England, many places are forecast to hit temperatures of 40 degrees, surpassing the highest heat record of 38.7°C in England in 2019.

Earlier scheduled to commence on July 19, the tournament is now postponed to a later date. HyperLuxeGG hasn't yet revealed a specific date for the tournament, but given the current heat situation around the UK, fans should expect to wait a month or two.

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