Apex Legends 4-Year Anniversary Event: Everything You Need To Know

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Apex Legends 4-Year Anniversary Event: Everything You Need To Know

Are you going to be one of the many guys and gals lonely this Valentine's Day/Week/Weekend? Don't worry; Apex Legends is here to keep you company. And not just for a day. 

Not only is season 16 coming out today, but Respawn Entertainment is also beginning a celebration in honor of Apex Legends' 4th anniversary. We're talking weeks of festivities and tons of loot. Let's break it down. 

4th Anniversary Login Rewards

Log in the next two weeks to get two free Legends
Image Source: Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends' 4th Anniversary Celebration Event is starting off strong with some great login rewards. From February 14- February 21, you can permanently unlock Crypto. From February 21- February 28, you can unlock Ash. Two Legends at the cost of free. You can't beat it. Thematic packs are excellent too!

4 Days of Twitch Drops

Starting February 14, 12 exclusive Twitch drops are up for grabs. You have 24 hours each day, beginning at 8 AM PST, to earn the drops for that day. Respawn Entertainment has enabled category-wide Twitch drops. 

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Watching any streamer streaming Apex Legends that has drops enabled will snag you these precious drops. You'll need to watch at least three hours of Apex Legends action per day to get them. After 1 hour, you'll get a loading screen, and after two, a gun charm. The reward for the third hour is an apex pack. 

As always, be sure your EA and Twitch accounts are connected to get these Twitch drops!

2 Weeks of Event Store Cosmetics

Check out the limited-time Event Shop to snag some sweet cosmetics
Image Source: Respawn Entertainment

Every several days for the next two weeks, there will be an Event Shop with tons of excellent cosmetics and character bundles. Be on the lookout for these special discounts, and make sure to check out this shop every day. You might find something you've wanted for a long time!

Anniversary Collection and Heirloom Shards

Not a Gibraltar main but I might be after this skin.
Image Source: Respawn Entertainment

If you're an Apex Legends player willing to splish splash some quick cash, 150 heirloom shards are up for grabs. 

With the Anniversary Collection Event comes 24 cosmetics:

  • Bass Drop Gibraltar legend skin
  • Biohazard Octane legend skin
  • Biotechnic Ash legend skin
  • Biophysic Horizon legend skin
  • Cosmic Enforcer Bangalore legend skin
  • Cosmic Phaser Wraith legend skin
  • Cosmic Protector Newcastle legend skin
  • Freestyle Lifeline legend skin
  • Surround Sound Pathfinder legend skin
  • Subculture Seer legend skin
  • Tagged Tracker Bloodhound legend skin
  • Technowitch Catalyst legend skin
  • Biomechanic R-99 weapon skin
  • Enforcer Of Justice R-301 weapon skin
  • Subwoofer Nemesis weapon skin
  • Signature Solution Mastiff weapon skin
  • Big City Beats universal banner frame
  • Hall of Heroes universal banner frame
  • Lethal Laboratory universal banner frame
  • Peak Performers universal banner frame
  • Kick It holospray
  • No Escape Now holospray
  • Ready To Shred holospray
  • To The Rescue holospray
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You can obtain these items with Apex Coins, Crafting Metals, or by getting them from Anniversary Collection packs. Players who complete the Anniversary Collection will earn a bonus of 150 Heirloom Shards. 

At the very least, I know Bass Drop Gibraltar is a must-buy. Does anyone else look at that skin and think of Combo from Jet Set Radio Future, or is that just me?

Anniversary Event Free Reward Track

Apex Legends' 4-Year Anniversary Event has a sweet free reward track.
Image Source: Respawn Entertainment

The Anniversary Event features a sweet Free Reward Track full of cosmetics created by Apex Legends community members. Everyone likes free. With it being possible to earn a maximum of 1,600 points per day, four days of gameplay is enough to clear out the rewards. 

Apex4nniversary Respawn Giveaway

As part of a way of celebrating season 16, Revelry's launch, Respawn Entertainment is hosting a Twitter giveaway. Tweet out #Apex4nniversary + #RespawnGiveaway on February 14, 15, and 17 for a chance to win a slice of thousands of dollars worth of prizes. See here for promotional details. 

Apex Legends has suffered a notable blow this year with the revelation that Apex Legends Mobile is shutting down in several months. But season 16 and the 4-Year Anniversary Event are looking great, so cheers, and here's to another great year of Apex. 

Apex Legends 4-Year Anniversary Event: Everything You Need To Know
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