Alliance Co-Founder Apologizes For Team’s Poor Form

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Alliance Co-Founder Apologizes For Team’s Poor Form

Jonathan “Loda” Berg, who co-founded and currently captains Alliance, offered his apologies for his team’s underwhelming performance of late

Alliance, the champions of The International 3, is currently facing a difficult period in its history as an esports organization. Regrettably, the organization's Dota 2 team has been delivering lackluster performances in recent times, resulting in disappointment and frustration among fans and players. Seeking to address these concerns, CEO and co-founder Jonathan “Loda” Berg voiced his frustrations and acknowledged the team's shortcomings on Twitter. The tweet, nevertheless, was quickly removed.

The struggles of Alliance in the competitive Dota 2 scene have been noticeable for a considerable period. Since Tour 1, the team has been confined to Division II, unable to make the leap to Division I. Their disappointing start to Tour 3 saw them suffer a defeat in their inaugural match against Level UP, a relatively obscure and unsponsored team. These obstacles have only amplified concerns about the team's performance and their ability to recapture their past success.

In a now-deleted tweet, Loda, the captain of Alliance, bared his frustration and embarrassment regarding the team's recent underwhelming performances. He candidly recognized their failure to offer satisfactory explanations and admitted feeling a deep sense of shame for disappointing their loyal fans. Loda labeled the team as a “meme team” and stressed the urgent need to regroup and raise their performance levels. His honest statement not only displayed accountability but also highlighted their unwavering determination to bounce back from the setbacks.

“I’m sorry and genuinely embarrassed for our performance in Dota2 and tired of making excuses. There is no explanation that is good enough. I’m ashamed that we are letting everyone down and we look like a meme team. We need to get our shit together or get the fuck out”

Loda's public Tweet acts as a rallying cry for the entire Alliance roster, sounding the alarm bell for their lackluster performance and current placement in Division II. Swift and decisive action is necessary. To secure a coveted slot in The International 12, Alliance must confront the fierce competition of the open qualifiers, where formidable opponents such as Team Secret and Nigma will be competing. Only time will reveal if Alliance can rise above their current situation and reaffirm their dominance in the Dota 2 scene.

Alliance Co-Founder Apologizes For Team’s Poor Form
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