All We Know About Moonglade In Warcraft Rumble

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All We Know About Moonglade In Warcraft Rumble

Curious about what the big grayed out area named Moonglade is in Warcraft Rumble? Here’s all we know about Moonglade so far in Warcraft Rumble

Warcraft Rumble, while packed with excitement, falls short in explaining some of its intricate systems, leaving players in the dark about the world map, including the intriguing Moonglade. Ever wondered how to unlock this hidden gem? Well, it's part of a post-launch content drop, and here's what we know so far.

Unlike many games that guide you with prompts or info boxes, Warcraft Rumble takes a different approach, leaving players to uncover the secrets of Moonglade independently. If you found yourself pondering over this inconspicuous zone, you're not alone.

All We Know About Moonglade in Warcraft Rumble

Embark on a thrilling journey through the mystical world of Dungeons and beyond, where the story of our campaign reaches its peak in the enchanting Moonglade. Following the challenges of BlackRock Mountain, Moonglade is a crucial chapter in our adventure.

All We Know About Moonglade In Warcraft Rumble
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This captivating zone is still in the works, promising five unique maps, each offering both normal and heroic versions for an exciting gaming experience. Face off against bosses like Brightwing, the fairy dragon, a duo of Druids—one with a claw and the other with a Talon—and the imposing figures Bron, Yera, and Sarius.

For those opting for the normal version, Moonglade caters to levels 16 to 17. If you're up for a more heroic challenge, the heroic version starts at level 26 and goes up to 27, ensuring a diverse experience for players of different skill levels.

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Moonglade follows the Blackrock Mountain dungeon, but the specific release date remains undisclosed. This captivating zone unfolds across five in-development maps, featuring iconic characters like Brightwing, Druids (Claw and Talon), Brumeran, Ysera, and Cenarius.

Just like other maps, both normal and heroic versions are confirmed, highlighting the late-game nature of this exciting zone with a standard level range from 16 to 17 (heroic extending from 26 to 27). Get ready for a post-launch adventure filled with mystery and challenge in Warcraft Rumble.

For Now We Have To Wait In Patience

Though the specifics are yet to be unveiled, it is anticipated that Moonglade will serve as the ultimate unlocked zone, concluding the campaign after the currently available Blackrock Mountain zone. 

This mystical realm will act as the final frontier for leveling up before encountering the formidable Onyxia. To access Onyxia, a collection of 100 sigils is required, and the encounter is set within the level 30 range. Stay tuned for further updates as we uncover more details about this exciting addition to the Warcraft Rumble universe.

All We Know About Moonglade In Warcraft Rumble
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