All Released CS2 Maps Now Playable in Deathmatch and Casual

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All Released CS2 Maps Now Playable in Deathmatch and Casual

Valve has rolled out another CS Limited Beta Test update and it has brought all released CS2 maps into Casual and Deathmatch mode

Valve just launched an update for the Counter-Strike 2 Limited Test. Now you can play all the beta maps in both Casual and Deathmatch modes.

New Update Brings All Released CS2 Maps To Deathmatch and Casual, Changes Smoke Mechanics, and More

All Released CS2 Maps Now Playable in Deathmatch and Casual

The changelog for the latest update highlights three gameplay adjustments: Bombs won't be lost underwater, bullet penetration is revamped, and bots can now step in when suitable.

The competitive and private matchmaking game modes are still inaccessible following their temporary suspension in Tuesday's update. Additionally, this update introduced modifications to the smoke shape and dimensions, aligning them more closely with the visual characteristics of CSGO. Furthermore, the expansion of the game's map offerings now includes Italy, a hostage map cherished by players.

Almost immediately after the update, a leak emerged, hinting at the possibility of adopting an MR12 default setup for competitive matchmaking. This potential change would entail a shift from the conventional MR15 arrangement, where the initial team to secure 16 rounds prevails, to a new paradigm where a victory is claimed upon achieving 13 rounds. 

Valve Teases CS2 Release Date or Something Else?

These disclosures surfaced at a time when there were increasing discussions and rumors regarding upcoming changes to the matchmaking system.

Valve has been stepping up the update frequency for Counter-Strike 2 in recent weeks and months, as they work towards an anticipated summer launch. With this upcoming release on the horizon, the only map still pending inclusion in CS2 from the current Active Duty maps in CS:GO is Inferno.