Alan Wake 2 Private Cabin Rhyme Puzzle Solution

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Alan Wake 2 Private Cabin Rhyme Puzzle Solution

What is the Alan Wake 2 Private Cabin rhyme puzzle solution? Alan Wake 2 is a game full of secrets to discover, which only the most attentive players will be able to find. Among these, there is the possibility of solving some puzzle rhymes found around the game world. This is the case, for example, of the Alan Wake 2 Private Cabin rhyme puzzle that you can find in the Cauldron Lake area, to be precise, in the Streamside area. In this article, we will therefore explain in detail where to go to find the objects you will need to complete the puzzle and where to find the rewards.

Alan Wake 2 Private Cabin rhyme

This Alan Wake 2 Private Cabin rhyme puzzle is actually not very difficult to solve; what you might find a little more complicated is where to find everything you need. Above all, find your rewards. But don't worry: in this article, we will guide you step by step so that you don't have to worry about understanding where to go; you will already know where to go once you arrive in this area of the game. Before continuing, know that, still in this area, just east of the place where this Alan Wake 2 puzzle is located, there is the Rock Rock Tree stash that you can open.

The first thing to do in order to solve this puzzle is to find the crow doll that is on a picnic table in the campsite located in the western part of Streamside. Once you have obtained the first doll, the next move to make is to go to the upper floor of the Witchfinder's Station, which is located in the northwest part of Cauldron Lake. These won't actually be too hard to find either, since they'll be right outside the wooden playpen upstairs.

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Once you have all three dolls you need to solve the Alan Wake 2 Private Cabin rhyme puzzle, all you have to do is return to the initial place, right where the puzzle in question is located. At this point, you will have to place the crow doll on the egg, the hero doll on the heart, and the wolf doll on the house. By positioning the dolls in this way, you will have finally solved Alan Wake 2 Private Cabin, which will also be clear to you because you will see a sort of distortion appear on the screen. Furthermore, from this moment on, the Private Cabin can be used to make manual saves.

But things don't end there. Now that you have solved the puzzle, you will have to set out to get to the place where the rewards are located for being able to solve this puzzle. Then, head in the direction of the small pool of water that you can see on your map, in the northwestern part of Cauldron Lake. There, near a small red house, you can see the Kalavela Knights Charm, which is an item that allows you to increase the duration and effects of hand flares.

Alan Wake 2 Private Cabin

Alan Wake 2 Private Cabin Rhyme Puzzle Solution
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