Alan Wake 2 Streamside Stash Solution

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Alan Wake 2 Streamside Stash Solution

What's the Alan Wake 2 streamside stash location? The Cauldron Lake region, like the others, is dotted with Cult Stashes that players can decide to open to obtain rewards. However, as in any self-respecting survival horror, this is not immediate and you will have to solve puzzles or find keys to gain access to the containers. This is the case, for example, of the Alan Wake 2 streamside stash, in which players will have to find a key to be able to open it. In this article, therefore, we will guide you step by step towards the Alan Wake 2 streamside stash key location so that you can get straight to the point.

Alan Wake 2 streamside stash key location

First of all, this Cult Stash is located near the Crow's Foot Hills, therefore in the southwest part of Cauldron Lake. To be precise, the container you are looking for is located at the campsite, which is located north of Crow's Foot Hills. As you head towards the location, use your flashlight to see yellow arrows that will be drawn on the trees. By following these arrows, in fact, you will arrive directly at the position where the Alan Wake 2 streamside stash key is located.

Consequently, in this case, you will not have to solve any type of puzzle to be able to open the container in question, as happened, for example, in the case of the Crime Scene Cult Stash. All you have to do is go to the place where the container is located and follow the arrows on the trees to be able to reach the location of the Alan Wake 2 streamside stash key without much trouble. In fact, following the path, you will realize that the key is located right on top of a rock. Once you have this key, you can return to the location where the container is located.

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Once you have used the key to open the Alan Wake 2 streamside stash, inside you will find a Hand Flare, Shotgun Ammo, and a Trauma Pad. These are not high-level rewards, we know, but in a game like Alan Wake 2 where resources are scarce, being in possession of these items can still be very useful to continue your adventure. Furthermore, for the sake of completeness, we would like to say that nearby there is another Cult Stash that you can open, namely that of the Rock Rock Tree. However, be aware that this will be more complicated and will require solving a puzzle.

Alan Wake 2 streamside stash

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