Alan Wake 2 Rock Rock Tree Code: How to Solve the Puzzle

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Alan Wake 2 Rock Rock Tree Code: How to Solve the Puzzle

What is the Alan Wake 2 Rock Rock Tree code? Not far from the Witchfinder's Station, you can find a private cabin near which you will see a Cult Stash. By reading the note, you will learn that it is the Rock Rock Tree puzzle. In order to solve this puzzle, you will need to be in possession of the Alan Wake 2 Rock Rock Tree code, therefore, in this article, we have decided to explain in detail how to obtain it so that you can find the solution to this puzzle and acquire the rewards that arise from its resolution.

Alan Wake 2 Rock Rock Tree puzzle solution

In order to solve the Alan Wake 2 Rock Rock Tree puzzle you will have to locate three equations, all three quite close to the position where the puzzle to be solved is located. One of the equations, in fact, is found right on the rocks that are behind the stash, one is found on the tree that is to the west, and the last, finally, is found on a large rock that is found after the stream in the south of the area. To be able to see what these equations actually are, all you have to do is get closer and use your flashlight to shed some light. However, in case you want a quicker and more practical answer the equations are as follows: 3+3, 7-2 2 6+2.

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Solving these three equations is child's play and you end up with the following numbers: 6, 5, and 8. You guessed it! This is the Alan Wake 2 Rock Rock Tree code that you will have to use in order to solve this puzzle. Consequently, return to the place where you found the puzzle, near the private cabinet, and insert the number 6 on the top number disc, the number 5 in the central one, and the number 8 in the last remaining one. At this point, the container will open and you will be free to collect everything inside.

This Cult Stash includes a Hand Flare, a Propane Tank, and a First Aid Kit. These are not high-level rewards, we know, but they can still be useful to you during your adventure. Especially the First Aid Kit which can make the difference between life and death, literally. Once you have completed this puzzle, our advice is to use the private cabinet to create a Break Room and save your Alan Wake 2 game progress. This way, if you die, you won't have to re-complete the puzzle (important to get the relevant trophy).

Alan Wake 2 Rock Rock Tree code

Alan Wake 2 Rock Rock Tree Code: How to Solve the Puzzle
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