Alan Wake 2 Computer Password: Witchfinder’s Station

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Alan Wake 2 Computer Password: Witchfinder’s Station

Alan Wake 2 is a game where there are keys, codes, and passwords to find in order to gain access to certain areas. As in the case, for example, of the Alan Wake 2 computer password, you will need to access the computer located on the first floor of the Witchfinder's Station. In this article, therefore, we will explain in detail how to find this password so that you can have access to the computer and be able to learn important details that will allow you to solve puzzles.

Alan Wake 2 Witchfinder's Station password

The first thing you will have to pay attention to if you want to obtain the Alan Wake 2 computer password and unlock the computer located in this area is the yellow post-it that is attached right to the computer monitor. Luckily for you, this is not any clue that will lead you to examine other things in the room and then decipher the solution, but you will find exactly the answer you are looking for written. The Alan Wake 2 computer password is 2547.

Once you have learned the computer password (the numbers are not so easy to read due to the flashlight light), you can enter it into the computer to gain access to two emails. While it's not a mandatory thing to do, these two emails are vitally important to solving some puzzles you'll encounter later, so take note of what you read. One of these puzzles, in fact, is located just outside the Witchfinder's Station, so we advise you to solve it to obtain the Coffee Mug Charm.

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Furthermore, there will be other puzzles to solve in this area. One is located in the picnic area south of the Witchfinder's Station and one is next to the private cabin that players can use as a Break Room to save their game progress. Furthermore, still near the private cabin, there is also a Cult Stash which will allow you to get a hand flare, a propane tank, and a first aid kit as rewards. However, as usual, in order to collect these rewards, you will first have to solve a puzzle.

Alan Wake 2 computer password

Alan Wake 2 Computer Password: Witchfinder’s Station
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