acoR Expects A Flood Of Offers For GamerLegion’s Young Core

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acoR Expects A Flood Of Offers For GamerLegion’s Young Core

The GamerLegion AWPer believes his younger colleagues will attract a lot of attention from other teams because of their Paris Major excellence 

As the Paris Major Grand Final draws near, the young players of GamerLegion have already etched their names into the annals of CSGO history. Their fairytale-like performance at the Paris Major has garnered significant interest from multiple teams, who are now eager to secure the services of these Grand Finalists, recognizing their undeniable talent and potential.

Frederik “acoR” Gyldstrand could be one of the players who would be busy answering calls from potential suitors. In a sitdown with, the 25-year-old hinted at the possibility of a time when it might prove challenging for GamerLegion to hold onto talents like 23-year-old Ivan “iM” Mihai and 20-year-old Kamil “siuhy” Szkaradek.

“I would probably count on many of the players on the team getting offers from other teams. Of course, I can't speak for myself, I'm probably getting a little older compared to what many people think. It's hard to say, but I believe that there will be team offers left and right for the young guys on the team.”

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The question of salaries will undoubtedly pose a challenge for GamerLegion as they strive to retain their emerging superstars on the team.

“You can't really do anything about it. If a tier-1 team comes knocking on a guy who gets 20.000 DKK ($2900) a month and he gets an offer of 150.000 DKK ($21.700). There is no one who can say no to that. You get to play all the high and good tournaments and be in the tier-1 tournaments all the time.”

You can read the full interview in Danish here.