A Guide to Using the Big Red Button in Warcraft Rumble

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A Guide to Using the Big Red Button in Warcraft Rumble

Have you come across the big red button in the G.R.I.D? Here’s a guide to using the big red button in Warcraft Rumble.

Warcraft Rumble boasts a plethora of currencies and rewards, ranging from arclight to the timeless gold. Among them, the Big Red Button stands out as a particularly enigmatic item, often causing players to approach it with caution.

Encountering the Big Red Button as a reward in Warcraft Rumble for the first time is undoubtedly an exciting moment. However, once pressed, it tends to leave players pondering its actual purpose. Curiosity piqued, we delved into the mystery surrounding this intriguing feature to provide a comprehensive explanation.

Using The Big Red Button In Warcraft Rumble 

The Big Red Button in Warcraft Rumble serves a crucial function—it allows you to perform a complete reset of your G.R.I.D. The G.R.I.D. is essentially the 3×3 box situated at the top of the in-game store, providing you with the opportunity to directly acquire new minis or upgrade existing ones. In the initial 10 Collection levels, the array of options available may constantly excite you with new possibilities.

A Guide to Using the Big Red Button in Warcraft Rumble
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However, as you progress beyond this point, you might find yourself encountering the same minis that may not align with your current interests or, for dedicated Warcraft enthusiasts, belong to the wrong faction. This is precisely when the Big Red Button becomes a valuable tool in your gaming arsenal.

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To utilize the Big Red Button in Warcraft Rumble, follow these steps:

  • Navigate to your in-game Store.
  • Under your G.R.I.D., select “Recycle Grid.”
  • Confirm your choice by selecting “Do it!”
  • If you wish to repeat the process, select “Again!” (optional).

Find the Big Red Button at the bottom of the G.R.I.D., and under the option “Recycle Grid” (if not visible initially, select an empty square to make it appear). Choose “Recycle Grid” and then hit the Big Red Button with a confident “Do it!” to confirm your selection.

Executing this action consumes one Big Red Button, refreshing your G.R.I.D. with a new set of minis or spells available for purchase. If the choices still don't meet your expectations, feel free to hit the Big Red Button labeled “Again!” for another attempt. Using the G.R.I.D. for acquiring minis and spells proves to be an incredibly effective strategy for advancing your Collection level.

How Big Red Buttons can I Get?

You acquire Big Red Buttons through various channels in Warcraft Rumble, and one of the most accessible methods is through your Daily Offers. These offers, which routinely present a free reward, typically include XP boosts for random units, but Big Red Buttons can also be among the offerings. To access your Daily Offers, scroll down on the Store Page and locate the dedicated section.

A Guide to Using the Big Red Button in Warcraft Rumble
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Here are a couple of other ways you can get the Big Red Button in Warcraft Rumble:

  1. Daily Rewards: Access them through your daily offers, where, alongside XP boosts, you may be fortunate enough to receive Big Red Buttons.
  2. Quests: Earn Big Red Buttons as rewards for completing daily quests, contributing to your overall collection.
  3. Collection Level: Progressing through collection levels provides an additional avenue for acquiring Big Red Buttons.
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How Do You Want To Use The Big Red Button?

While it's essential not to hoard these buttons unnecessarily, it's advisable to use them judiciously, especially considering the potential utility they might hold in future events. Ultimately, don't hesitate to recycle your grid to optimize your mini choices, as a robust deck is crucial for success in PvP and dungeons.

A Guide to Using the Big Red Button in Warcraft Rumble
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