Dota 2: A Few Items That Will Help You Increase Your MMR

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Dota 2: A Few Items That Will Help You Increase Your MMR

Item builds is definitely one of the most important things in Dota 2. There is an item for everything and, in theory, every hero can fill in every role regardless if its usual playstyle. However, when it comes down to PUB games, there are some items which can definitely help you win more, which means they help boost your MMR! Let's dive right in.

Vladimir’s Offering

Vladamir's Offering has always been one of the most popular items in Dota. In fact, during the previous patch (when it required Headdress), the item was bought in nearly every single game. Usually, it’s up to the offlaner to buy the item, but it could be done by some carries too.

Even though it no longer requires Headress as a component, Vladamir's Offering still remains one of the top item picks. It provides a solid lifesteal for the melees (slightly less for range) as well as some mana regen. This is very useful, especially after Ring of Aquilla got removed from the game.

Pipe of Insight

Pipe of Insight is the best item against a magical damage-based lineup, bar none. While the item provides decent stats for its holder, Pipe of Insight shines the most when it’s used on the entire team. By doing so it provides a barrier that will absorb 400 magical damage for 12 seconds. As you can tell, well-timed use of Pipe of Insight can completely turn the course of a team fight. In addition to the magic damage absorption, the item provides a +10% magic resistance and + 3 HP regen passively.

The heroes that usually get Pipe of Insight are normally pretty tanky. Dark Seer, Underlord and Bristleback are just one of the many examples out there. Sometimes even some mid heroes go for a Pipe build, especially if there is a Zeus in-game.

Crimson Guard

Crimson Guard works in a similar way to Pipe in terms of its usefulness for the team. The item is incredibly strong against certain heroes (PL for example). When used, it grants allied heroes and buildings +2 armor and a +100% chance to block 60 damage from each incoming attack for 12 seconds.

In order to get a Crimson Guard, you need to have a Vanguard. That’s why every hero that gets a Vanguard usually upgrades it. Again, similar to Pipe, usually the tankier heroes are the ones that most often do this.

Guardian Greaves

Another team fight orientated item that is incredibly useful is Guardian Greaves. When the item got released, the support heroes were saddled with the unenviable task of obtaining it. While this might seem like a pretty straightforward job to do, accumulating 5,475 gold as support is definitely easier said than done.

Nowadays, there are many heroes out there that buy Guardian Greaves. Even some classic mid heroes, like Shadow Fiend, are now purchasing the item in nearly every game they play. If you manage to snatch it early on, Guardian Greaves will greatly increase your chance of winning in team fights. After all, it restores 300 HP and 200 Mana and removes most negative effects from the caster. In addition, whenever someone drops below 20% hp, Greaves will proc and provide 16 HP regen and 15 armor automatically.

This is definitely a must-buy item to get in every game nowadays.

Medallion of Courage -> Solar Crest

A Medallion of Courage is one of the best support items that players can purchase. The item works in two ways, and how it works depends on whether you target an ally or an enemy. For allies, it gives them 7 armor. For enemies, it reduced their armor by 7. Regardless on whom it's used, the caster always loses the 7 armor bonus from it.

Medallion of Courage can help some squishy supports to last longer in team fights. In addition, it is one of the best tools to get on an early Roshan. That’s why it is a very common item in all those early game-based lineups.

Solar Crest works in a similar way but it’s a lot more expensive. When cast on an ally, it grants them 12 armor, 80 AS and 10% MS. When cast on an enemy, it removes those same stats.

Scythe of Vyse

Hex has always been one of the strongest items in Dota 2. It provides an instant 3.5-second CC that can completely turn most fights around. Even though this item is useful throughout the entire game, it definitely shines the most later on. As we know, a single, good CC during the late-game phases can be game breaking.

Since it is pretty expensive, usually a Core hero will be the one getting the Scythe of Vyse. Heroes such as Storm Spirit or Nature’s Prophet are among the most popular hex builders out there simply becayse they're so good at catching the enemy off-guard.

It is a good idea to combine this item with a Blink Dagger, in case your hero does not have a way to “surprise” the enemy.

Force Staff -> Hurricane Pike

Force Staff and Hurricane Pike were one of the most popular items a few patches ago. In fact, nearly every ranged core hero always brought a Hurricane Pike at some stage of the game. That said, due to the nerfs, its popularity is not as high as before.

Force Staff is one of the best items to save your team-mates. Unlike Blink Dagger, you can use it even when you take damage, which is another big plus. In addition to that, the item provides you with the ability to “move” through places that you normally can’t (eg. Cliffs).

A well-timed Force Staff on your core hero later in the game can be game-changing. It’s one of the ultimate utility items that you can get.


The items that I’ve mentioned above are by no means the only important ones. Every single item in the game has its purpose. I just tried to highlight some of them that can definitely help you get more wins and ultimately – more MMR.

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Dota 2: A Few Items That Will Help You Increase Your MMR
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