9z vs Fnatic Preview and Predictions: Intel Extreme Masters Dallas 2023

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9z vs Fnatic Preview and Predictions: Intel Extreme Masters Dallas 2023

All eyes are going to be on f0rest in the 9z vs Fnatic elimination match

After losing their first Bo1 matches, these squads will need to fight through the elimination bracket, where a single defeat will kick them out of the competition. This will be another opportunity for f0rest to bring back some glimmers of his golden days as he underperformed against MOUZ. If you’re into CSGO betting and excited to know more about this matchup, check out our previews and predictions for this Best of 3.


This might be a repeat of IEM Rio 2023 for 9z if they get eliminated in only two games. Their match against Heroic ended with the Argentinians getting dominated, as they struggled to gather more than four rounds on the T side. dav1deuS, the member who was expected to lead the charge, was at the bottom of the scoreboard with a disappointing 0.73. 


Maximiliano “max” Gonzalez

  • HLTV Rating: 1.11
  • Impact Rating: 1.11
  • Kill/Assist/Survived/Traded: 71.4%
  • Average Damage Round: 79.1
  • Kills Per Round: 0.70

Franco “dgt” Garcia

  • HLTV Rating: 1.16
  • Impact Rating: 1.07
  • Kill/Assist/Survived/Traded: 74.0%
  • Average Damage Round: 78.0
  • Kills Per Round: 0.74

David Tapia “dav1deuS” Maldonado

  • HLTV Rating: 1.15
  • Impact Rating: 1.18
  • Kill/Assist/Survived/Traded: 72.3%
  • Average Damage Round: 82.1
  • Kills Per Round: 0.74

Santino “try” Rigal

  • HLTV Rating: 1.19
  • Impact Rating: 1.19
  • Kill/Assist/Survived/Traded: 73.4%
  • Average Damage Round: 77.6
  • Kills Per Round: 0.76

Nicolás “buda” Kramer

  • HLTV Rating: 0.98
  • Impact Rating: 0.95
  • Kill/Assist/Survived/Traded: 68.9%
  • Average Damage Round: 71.1
  • Kills Per Round: 0.62

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9z vs Fnatic


After the high of qualifying for Gamers8, Fnatic faced a bump on the road against MOUZ in their first IEM match. All eyes were on the return of the veteran f0rest in that game – however, he had a tough start with a 0.59 rating. Moreover, nicoodoz also struggled, and FASHR was the only one to keep the hopes alive for the Europeans. Therefore, we will need a much better performance from this roster if they want to avoid elimination in the lower bracket.


Patrik “f0rest” Lindberg

  • HLTV Rating: 1.10
  • Impact Rating: 1.07
  • Kill/Assist/Survived/Traded: 70.5%
  • Average Damage Round: 76.3
  • Kills Per Round: 0.75

William “mezii” Merriman

  • HLTV Rating: 1.12
  • Impact Rating: 1.06
  • Kill/Assist/Survived/Traded: 73.1%
  • Average Damage Round: 79.1
  • Kills Per Round: 0.71

Nico “nicoodoz” Tamjidi

  • HLTV Rating: 1.09
  • Impact Rating: 1.06
  • Kill/Assist/Survived/Traded: 70.9%
  • Average Damage Round: 71.4
  • Kills Per Round: 0.70

Fredrik “roeJ” Jørgensen

  • HLTV Rating: 1.14
  • Impact Rating: 1.21
  • Kill/Assist/Survived/Traded: 71.4%
  • Average Damage Round: 82.9
  • Kills Per Round: 0.74

Dion “FASHR” Derksen

  • HLTV Rating: 1.10
  • Impact Rating: 1.12
  • Kill/Assist/Survived/Traded: 71.5%
  • Average Damage Round: 78.4
  • Kills Per Round: 0.71

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9z vs Fnatic Predictions: Intel Extreme Masters Dallas 2023

Fnatic will proceed to the Lower Bracket Semifinal with a 2-1 victory against 9z.

9z vs Fnatic Head to Head Record 

9z 1 – 4 Fnatic

9z vs Fnatic Maps 

  • Ancient
  • Overpass
  • Anubis

Fnatic vs 9z Score 

  • Map 1: 9z to win by +3>
  • Map 2: Fnatic to win by OT
  • Map 3: Fnatic to win by +5>

Fnatic vs 9z Top Fragger


Intel Extreme Masters Dallas 2023 9z vs Fnatic Match Links

9z vs Fnatic Match Time

May 29, 2023 – 17:00 ET/16:00 CST/14:00 PT

9z vs Fnatic Preview and Predictions: Intel Extreme Masters Dallas 2023
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