9Pandas vs UALEIKUMNIHAO Preview and Predictions: DPC EEU 2023 Tour 3: Division I

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9Pandas vs UALEIKUMNIHAO Preview and Predictions: DPC EEU 2023 Tour 3: Division I

The 9Pandas vs UALEIKUMNIHAO is a match where both teams need to win to save their chances of advancing to the event’s next stage.

The battle in the 2023 DPC Tour 3 Division I in Eastern Europe is fierce, and we can see that in every series. Unsurprisingly, the 9Pandas vs UALEIKUMNIHAO match will also fall into this category because Ramzess66 and his team need to win to stay ahead of the rest. Although this series seems one-sided on paper, we’ve seen a lot of surprises from the teams that come from Division II, so everything is possible. Remember to check ESTNN to see if the best sites in the business will allow you to bet on this match.

9Pandas vs UALEIKUMNIHAO Preview

As mentioned, this match will be important for both teams, but for different reasons. UALEIKUMNIHAO need to win this in order to guarantee their slot in Division I for the next DPC. On the other hand, 9Pandas has to secure the victory if it wants to have the chance to finish among the best 3.


Before this match, 9P played one series against Nemiga and won it. However, it wasn’t easy because we saw 3 full games, which was a clear sign that Ramzess666 and the rest hadn’t learned everything about the current meta yet.


Similar to their opponents, before the UALEIKUMNIHAO vs 9 Pandas draft, this team also played one game and lost it. With that said, b1kA and the co. had one more match prior to this one (vs Nemiga), which gave the squad a small advantage because it had more time to practice.

9Pandas vs UALEIKUMNIHAO Predictions

Roman "RAMZES666" Kushnarev plays for EG during the Leipzig Major DreamHack 2020

If we take a look at the results of both teams and their current performance, the 9Pandas vs UALEIKUMNIHAO series should go in favor of the Berlin Major 2023 participants. However, it won’t be a walk in the park because the Dota 2 meta after 7.33 is very different.

The first team to destroy a tower

9Pandas should be the first team that will destroy a tower because it will want to close the series as fast as possible.

The first team to reach 20 kills

There is no arguing that Ramzess666 and his team should be the ones that will reach 20 kills in the 9Pandas vs UALEIKUMNIHAO clash.

Net worth differences after games 1 and 2

We do not think that this series will give us access to 3 games because 9Pandas should be able to secure a clean victory. If that happens, we expect the squad to get more than a 30k net worth advantage in games 1 and 2.

Will Roshan die in under 20 minutes?

Yes, this is a series where it is highly likely for Roshan to die in under 20 minutes because 9Pandas will try to win as fast as possible.

9Pandas vs UALEIKUMNIHAO – Where and How to Watch the Match

This will be one of the series that will be available on Twitch and YouTube because it is important for the 2023 DPC Tour 3 Division I in Eastern Europe. You can watch it on May 20 at 14:00 EEST.

9Pandas vs UALEIKUMNIHAO Preview and Predictions: DPC EEU 2023 Tour 3: Division I
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