9Pandas vs Nemiga Gaming Preview and Predictions: DPC EEU 2023 Tour 3: Division I

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9Pandas vs Nemiga Gaming Preview and Predictions: DPC EEU 2023 Tour 3: Division I

9Pandas vs Nemiga Gaming will be the second match in Tour 3 for the latter and the first challenge for Ramzess666 and co. at Tour 3 of the EEU DPC.

As mentioned in some of our articles, 9Pandas is one of the big favorites to win Tour 3 of the 2023 DPC in Eastern Europe. Although the squad has several big challenges ahead of it, the 9Pandas vs Nemiga Gaming clash will be the first step for one of the best teams in the world. If you are curious to find which sites will offer you the best odds for the event, check ESTNN to learn more about them.

9Pandas vs Nemiga Gaming Preview

The clash between the two powerhouses will be important for both teams, but for different reasons. Before the Nemiga Gaming vs 9Pandas match,  v1olent and the rest had already played one game. As for their opponents, this will be the first challenge for the team in Tour 3, so it will want to start with a victory.


One of the reasons why this team is the favorite in the 9Pandas vs Nemiga Gaming clash is because of its most recent results. Despite not winning the Berlin Major 2023, the squad has shown signs of improvement. Consequently, many Dota 2 experts consider this to be the best team in Eastern Europe.

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Nemiga Gaming

Once one of the top squads in the region, Nemiga Gaming has not been that good lately. The team wasn’t able to win its first match against HYDRA, meaning it has to step up its game for the second one. Sadly, this clash will be even harder because 9 Pandas is a much tougher opponent. 

9Pandas vs Nemiga Gaming Predictions

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The odds for Nemiga Gaming to win in this match will be pretty high, but it is for a reason. 9 Pandas is definitely the big favorite, so we think the team will be able to win.

Can we see 3 games here?

No, we don’t think that the 9Pandas vs Nemiga Gaming series will give us access to 3 games. Ramzess666 and his crew are in a much better state, so they should be able to win.

The First team to Slay Roshan

Slaying Roshan is an incredibly important objective in Dota 2 and most Eastern Europeans focus on it. Although Nemiga is a team that often uses Roshan in its strategies, in this series, 9Pandas will be the squad that will kill Roshan first.

Total Barracks – Under 3.5

We don’t see how Nemiga Gaming can destroy the barracks of 9 Panads. Consequently, we think that this series will have under 3.5 brackets.

9Pandas vs Nemiga Gaming – Here’s where to watch it and what to expect

This interesting Dota 2 match from Tour 3 of the 2023 DPC in Eastern Europe will be live-streamed on Twitch and YouTube, the official channels for the DPC. However, all of the leading sites for betting on eSports also have their own live-streaming features that will be available to players.

9Pandas vs Nemiga Gaming Preview and Predictions: DPC EEU 2023 Tour 3: Division I
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