9Pandas vs HYDRA Preview and Predictions: DPC EEU 2023 Tour 3: Division I

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9Pandas vs HYDRA Preview and Predictions: DPC EEU 2023 Tour 3: Division I

9Pandas vs HYDRA will be another important challenge for one of the best teams in Eastern Europe.

The 9Pandas vs HYDRA series will be a very important match for one of the favorites in the Eastern European Dota 2 scene. Sadly, it has a pretty big challenge ahead of it because it needs to play against an ambitious team. This will be a match that many people will probably want to bet on, which is why ESTNN can offer you some of the best websites to wager on the event.

9Pandas vs HYDRA Preview 

Prior to the HYDRA vs 9Pandas clash, both teams have different results. One of the favorites in Division I has 3 victories and only 1 loss. Sadly, 9Pandas wasn’t able to defeat BetBoom Team, which means that it needs to win this clash to guarantee itself a Top 3 finish. HYDRA, on the other hand, has 2 victories and 4 losses, which puts it in a dangerous position.


When it comes down to 9Pandas, the team has 3 victories before this match. It started by defeating Nemiga, followed by UALEIK and One Move. The team has 2 more matches after the one with HYDRA, but they are against Team Spirit and Virtus.Pro, so it will be interesting to see what will happen.


Speaking of the devil, before the 9Pandas vs HYDRA match, Lil and the rest defeated Nemiga and UALEIK. Sadly, the squad lost its matches versus Team Spirit, VP, One Move and BetBoom. So far, UALEIK is the only team that will surely head over to Division I, so HYDRA has to make sure it won’t be the second one.

9Pandas vs HYDRA Prediction

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Predicting the winner in this clash may seem complicated, but if you check the odds, you will see that 9P are the favorite. The team has had better results lately, so we expect to win the clash in no time.

Who will secure the first blood?

Although 9Pandas is the favorite, we think that HYDRA will secure the first blood because the team will try to surprise its opponents.

Can 9Pandas destroy the first tower?

Yes, 9Pandas can destroy the first tower in the game. However, this will depend a lot on the draft because we’ve seen games where HYDRA picks heroes that focus specifically on it.

What will be the difference in the net worth once the game is over?

The net worth difference after the game's end will probably be around 20k+ in favor of 9Pandas. However, it can get more than that, especially if the game is longer than we think.

The first team to bring down Roshan

9Pandas should be able to kill Roshan before their opponents.

9Pandas vs HYDRA – Where to watch it

ESTNN will provide you with betting sites that have live stream where you can watch the event. However, you can also go to Twitch and YouTube on June 1 at 14:00 EEST. Check our other predictions for more information.

9Pandas vs HYDRA Preview and Predictions: DPC EEU 2023 Tour 3: Division I
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