9 Pandas vs PSG.LGD Preview and Predictions: Dota 2 ESL One Berlin Major 2023

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9 Pandas vs PSG.LGD Preview and Predictions: Dota 2 ESL One Berlin Major 2023

9 Pandas vs PSG.LGD will be among the first games of Day 3 of Group A of The ESL One Berlin Major 2023.

Group A of the second Major is pretty fun to watch, especially when one of these two Dota 2 teams is playing. The 9 Pandas vs PSG.LGD clash will be interesting to watch because the two teams haven’t played against each other so far. Naturally, this draws a lot of attention, so those who don’t know how to bet on Dota 2 can learn more about it before choosing one of the bookies.

9 Pandas vs PSG.LGD Preview

As mentioned, prior to the PSG.LGD vs 9 Pandas match, these two teams haven’t played against each other. Despite that, they are among the favorites in Group A, so they have everything needed to challenge the best.

9 Pandas

As one of the only team who had to play only 1 match on Day 1, the ex-Hell Raisers squad started with a victory against TSM. However, Day 2 was a bit rough for the squad, but now it is time to focus on the 9 Pandas vs PSG.LGD match that will take place. 


Following the victory and the draw after Day 1, PSG.LGD had to play only one match on Day 2 and it was versus EG. With that said, the team has yet to face a squad from Eastern Europe, making the 9P vs LGD clash even more interesting to watch.

9 Pandas vs PSG.LGD Predictions

Pro Dota 2 player Roman "RAMZES666" Kushnarev looks down with a smile on his face and a headset on his head


In a Bo3 series, we’ll say that PSG.LGD has the edge because the team has way more experience. However, this match will be in a Bo2 format, so we think it will be a draw.

To win Game 1

PSG.LGD will probably win the first game, but their opponents will bounce back in the series after Game 2.

Who’ll win first blood?

The first blood in the match between 9 Pandas and PSG.LGD will go in favor of the Eastern European team. RAMZESS666 and the rest are famous for their innovative approach when it comes down to first blood.

Will PSG.LGD win in under 20 minutes – No

Some of the leading Dota 2 sites for online betting will allow people to wager on whether LGD will win the match in under 20 minutes. Despite being among the best teams at the ESL One Berlin Major 2023, we don't think the squad has what it takes to do that.

Who will get 10 kills first?

PSG.LGD will probably get to 10 kills before its opponents in maps 1 and 2. 

9 Pandas vs PSG.LGD – Where to watch

If you decide to watch this clash at the ESL One Berlin Major 2023 in action, you can do that live on Twitch or YouTube. Of course, some fo the leading betting platforms for Dota 2 will also broadcast the match in real time.

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9 Pandas vs PSG.LGD Preview and Predictions: Dota 2 ESL One Berlin Major 2023
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