7.34d’s Arrival Days Before The International 12 Is Not Welcomed By Everyone

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7.34d’s Arrival Days Before The International 12 Is Not Welcomed By Everyone

The Dota 2 Patch 7.34d arrived yesterday, but it was not welcomed by all professional players.

As mentioned in our Dota 2 Patch 7.34d overview, the latest update contains a lot of interesting changes to some heroes and items. Even though most PUB players are happy to see a new patch because of the meta changes, the same can’t be said about professionals. Some of the pro players are interested in the new patch, but considering The International 12 starts in just a few days, others were skeptical about it. 

Valve’s decision was strange

A lot of people expected the 7.34c Dota 2 patch to be the one for The International 12 because it became available a few weeks ago. However, Valve surprised us by releasing the 7.34 d patch for TI 12. Normally, this would not be a problem, but considering that International 12 is set to begin around a week from now, the community has mixed feelings.

The advantage of having a new patch for TI 12 is that the event will be more interesting to watch because it will have a new meta. However, this is not the case for professional teams because they only have a couple of days to adapt to the changes. Even though they are not that drastic, there are definitely a couple of important things that have to change.

What some players need to understand is that even though the teams at TI 12 are the best in the world, they also need time to adapt to the changes. As a result, Valve usually does not release new patches before a big tournament, especially The International. However, it seems like 7.34d is an exception. 

Some changes in 7.34d

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There are a couple of heroes in 7.34 d that are not as good as before, so the teams that have focused on them will have to come up with new tactics. Phantom Assassin is undoubtedly the first name that comes to mind because she is much weaker. Instead of PA, heroes like Luna received substantial buffs, so we expect to see the Moonrider at TI 12.

Even though many heroes received some minor changes, the good news is that 7.34d did not affect that many items. In fact, Ninja Gear is probably the thing that suffered the most, but it is a Neutral Item, so teams will get used to it. 

We can’t wait to see what will happen at TI 12, so follow us for more information. ESTNN will provide you with daily coverage of the event.

7.34d’s Arrival Days Before The International 12 Is Not Welcomed By Everyone
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