Dota 2 Patch 7.33 Makes Changes to The Map – Introducing New Frontiers

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Dota 2 Patch 7.33 Makes Changes to The Map – Introducing New Frontiers

Here’s what you can expect in the latest 7.33 patch for Dota 2.

People are thrilled to find out that Dota 2 has just released the 7.33 patch. The new version of the strategy game is over 1.8 GB and delivers a completely fresh experience to its players. You will be surprised to discover that the biggest change is the introduction of New Frontiers, a full-fledged map with 40% more terrain
to cover.

The New Frontiers map provides more terrain to explore in the 7.33 patch

Roshan’s Pits – The Ancient creep has a new home

Roshan can be found at the corners of the map in 7.33 patch

Roshan has found a new home in the 7.33 update. You can fight Roshan to claim the Aegis of the Immortal at two locations on the New Frontiers map. People can team up to defeat Roshan at the Northwest corner and the Southeast corner in the game. Roshan is even harder to beat on the new map and promises to challenge veteran players of Dota 2 before offering them the coveted Aegis of the Immortal. You can also collect Cheese by killing Roshan twice instead of three times. Attack and annihilate Roshan three times in a match to pick up a Refresher Shard or an Aghanim’s Scepter.

Twin Gates – Teleport freely between the off lane and the safe lane

Gamers can move from the top lane to the bottom lane within seconds by using Twin Gates. These portals can be located near the Tier 1 towers on either side of the map. It has a cool new building model that makes the journey magical to fans of the online game. You can reach team fights at a moment’s notice by using Twin Gates to teleport between your off lane and your safe lane while leveling up with your team. 

Lotus Pools – Eat fruits to regain your health and mana

You can eat fruits from the Lotus Pool to regain health and mana in 7.33 update

Lotus Pools are structures that yield fruits that can be consumed during battles. You can gather a number of fruits over the course of a game to replenish your health and mana. Each of these fruits can be combined into a larger fruit that can be used to survive longer in lanes. Lotus Pools are conveniently placed near Roshan’s Pits to help players overcome the Ancient with less effort as the game progresses. How big can these fruits get? Play the New Frontiers map and find out for yourself.

Tormentors – Fight advanced neutral creeps to receive Aghanim’s Shards

You can fight Tormentors in the 7.33 patch to gain an Aghanim's Shard

Tormentors are a new kind of neutral creeps that can be fought in the 7.33 patch. You can encounter Tormentors after the first 20 minutes of the match elapses, giving you plenty of time to earn gold and buy items for your heroes. Tormentors grow stronger with each defeat, requiring more members of your team to kill them later
in the game.

These neutral creeps stick to their camps, letting players prepare themselves adequately before engaging them in battles. The megashields equipped on these Tormentors can reflect most of the incoming damage targeted at them, making Tormentors difficult to deal with while running low of health. You can collect Aghanim’s Shards by destroying Tormentors with your teammates to boost your abilities.

Watchers – Activate these units to gain vision over the New Frontiers map

Similar to outposts, Watchers can be activated by players to grant the team vision for 7 minutes. Enemy heroes can approach any of these Watchers on the map and disable them. You can kill Roshan to instantly turn on nearby Watchers to be alerted of any enemies planning an attack on your allies. The New Frontiers map includes 4 new outposts, giving people loads of vision over their opponents during their matches.

Wisdom Runes and Shield Runes – gain bonus health and XP

Wisdom runes provides bonus XP to players in the 7.33 patch

You can gather new Shield runes that are spawned in the river to increase your maximum health by 50%. People can store and activate Shield runes before ambushing enemy heroes for easy kills throughout their matches. Players can also use Shield runes to take down enemy towers faster with their allies.

The Wisdom runes are a fascinating new addition to Dota 2. Gamers can use Wisdom runes to earn bonus experience while away from lanes. These runes are placed near Tormentors to help players gain additional XP between waves of creeps. You can take the Wisdom runes after regenerating your health in your base to level up.

There are tons of changes made to Dota 2 that makes the 7.33 patch worth exploring in the coming days. Be sure to check out the New Frontiers update page for more details.

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