6 Counter Strike 2 Tips You Need to Know

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6 Counter Strike 2 Tips You Need to Know

Here are some Counter Strike 2 tips to help you improve your play .

The fact that Counter Strike 2 is just around the corner means that everyone who’s a fan of the franchise will have the chance to test the newest game. CS 2 brings tons of new changes that will make the game a lot more desirable. We’ve already covered some of the Counter Strike 2 settings you may want to know so you can improve your results, but now, it’s time to focus on something else.

This article will reveal more details about certain aspects of Counter Strike 2 that you may not know. A lot of us got access to Valve’s newest title recently, which means that we haven’t had the chance to play for that long. However, some people have had CS2 access for some time now, so let’s learn more about a few things that will help you.

Keep in mind that the game is technically in Beta. Therefore, some of the things you are about to see may not be available in the future. 

Your Scopted Guns are not that accurate when you are in a Molotov

There is no arguing that Molotovs are incredibly annoying to play against because they do a lot of damage. Everyone knows that they should not stay inside one because they will die, but what many people are not aware of is that their aim with a scoped gun is not that accurate anymore. This is one of the things that you may not know about Counter Strike 2 , and it’s interesting because it can make a difference.

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The accuracy is not that bad to the point where you can’t use it, but it’s not that good, either. Therefore, it’s probably better to try and escape from the Molotov while using an AWP, Scout, or something else that has a scope.

Using a Grenade to make the Smoke disappear for a few seconds

As you know, Smokes are completely new in Counter Strike 2 and are much better than before. Besides the fact they look good and work slightly differently, they also have a few cool tricks. 

One of the things that you may not know about Counter Strike 2 is that when you throw a Grenade inside the smoke, it will disperse for a few seconds, giving you clear vision. People who are not aware of this won’t be able to react, allowing you to take advantage of that and kill them. With that said, you need to be fast because you will only have around a second for it.

Different kinds of wall bangs

There have been tons of videos about Counter Strike 2 wallbangs on all sorts of maps. Some of them are really good, but we do not want to point out something specifically because the game is still in Beta. Consequently, Valve may decide to nerf those things, which means you won’t be able to use them while playing.

Some of the best wall bangs are on Dust 2, where you could shoot enemies rushing Short if you are on the B window with an AWP. There are many other things you could find, so we suggest going through all of the wallbang videos for CS 2 and testing them once you start playing.

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Blowing up doors

Grenades are very important in CS 2 for a variety of reasons, one of which is that they can blow up doors. This is probably one of the things you may not know about Counter Strike 2 , but if you land a grenade near a door, it can get destroyed. What’s interesting is that if you fail to destroy the entire thing, there will be some leftovers that you can actually use for cover. Although they will not be able to hide your entire player model, you can definitely surprise some of the opponents who won’t expect you to be there.

Smokes have different colors

One of the changes in CS 2 that a lot of people appreciate is the fact that smokes now have different colors. Depending on which side you are on, the CT smoke will look blueish, whereas the T smoke is brown.

While most people know about this, what they do not know is that these smokes change colors based on time. The CT option starts to look greyish and the same applies to the T. You can use this information to determine how old is the given smoke and when it’s about to expire.

Pay attention to Shadows

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The fact that Counter Strike 2 is a completely new game means that the graphics are way better than before. One of the areas where Valve improved a lot recently is the shadows, and you should definitely use it to your advantage.

When you decide to hold a given angle or to push, always pay attention to your shadow and its position because it will allow you to see if someone will see a lot. Not many people know about it yet, so use this to your advantage when playing.

6 Counter Strike 2 Tips You Need to Know
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