5 Valorant Teams to Watch in 2024

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5 Valorant Teams to Watch in 2024

Keen followers of Valorant esports, have these Valorant teams to watch added to your radar in 2024

The enticing chapter of 2023 Valorant has our hands rubbing in excitement regarding what could be in store for us ahead. One thing we know for sure is that this coveted esports title never fails to entertain. With some clubs making big changes and some remaining headstrong with minimal roster adjustments, it is time we march together toward embracing the dynamic scenario of Valorant Esports 2024.

5 Valorant Teams to Watch in 2024

We got to experience a thrilling tale of pros surpassing the bar they have set for themselves and leaving the audience in absolute awe as well as seeing goliaths shatter into oblivion with diminished performance. This endless drama has set us all looking straight forward into 2024 and this article aims to be your guiding lantern for pushing the teams worthy of your attention to get enlisted in your heart.


5 Valorant Teams to Watch in 2024

Credit: Fnatic

It is only normal to expect this esports giant to dominate the 2024 season in Valorant. This coveted organization is full of rosters filled with unlimited potential whose determination level is sky-high. They sealed the international VCT championship at Sao Paulo as they pushed through a lossless tournament ultimately bringing the ferocious LOUD to their knees at a 3-2 victory.

Their victorious oath continued in Masters Tokyo where they prevailed against the promising Evil Genius roster at a flawless 3-0 victory in the championship match; this led to them pocketing their second international trophy forever marking them as legends.

It would not be advisable to shrug them off because of their underwhelming run on the VCT Champions. They’re still a behemoth when it comes to putting on world-class performances. To say that this organization has among the best players in each category of Valorant’s agents' list is only fair. Their former head coach Mini who was fantastic at this job has also made a return after a period of leave. Consider the fact that, this team also has a hyper-intelligent IGL Boaster and one must admit this team deserves your attention.


5 Valorant Teams to Watch in 2024

Credit: NRG

NRG has the edge in the 2024 season simply because they recruited some absolute demons from Evil Geniuses and ended up becoming a tank in terms of firepower and individual display of skills. This will probably be of major aid since these were clearly the things they were lacking in their tournament at VCT Champions 2023. Fear not, however, fellow NRG stans, Demon1 and Ethan getting added to the roster doesn’t mean that this team will become a rocket, it means it will become an intergalactic spaceship.

Hold your breath because we are not done yet! The fan favorite and much-coveted gaming legend from Optic Gaming is also aboard this spaceship to travel to the stars. Victor and Crashies being the only two remaining firm in the roster mean that these two players made their consistency and discipline acknowledged and are now even at a higher morale to accomplish the very best. We can’t tell until we see what NRG is cooking with this recipe of success.


5 Valorant Teams to Watch in 2024

Credits: Sentinel

Sentinels have remained one of the big names in Esports, but when it comes to competitive Valorant, Sentinels has always been the benchmark of greatness. Their roster adjustment has not been anything headline-worthy but their slight modification goes on to show their vision and their commitment to their existing players. The addition of Mouhamed “johnqt” Ouarid, who would play the role of a dedicated IGL, is a good move all things considered. Moreover, the position of a sixth man finds solace in the man Jordan “Zellsis” Montemurro.

Yes, fans are head over heels right now for the beloved Sentinels and why shouldn’t they? Their off-season profile has been nothing but impressive. Zekken continues to be a stellar duelist, Tenz knocking it off in the shoes of Omen, and johnqt raising the Sentinels banner absolutely sky-high is a remark of a team on the rise. However, we must ask you to hold your breath for one more moment, Zellsis has been an absolute gem of an extended sub who is currently filling the absence of pANcada, let’s hope his stay becomes permanent.


5 Valorant Teams to Watch in 2024

Credit: Riot Games

What is life if not a constant struggle for something you want to get yet it always seems to be just one step away? Well, it surely is the case for DRX. 2023 was another year for them where they proved themselves in every regard of competitiveness. The only part they fell short of was securing a trophy. But what do we say when the angel of “Not today” pays us a visit? We say “Next time.” 2024 surely should be the year they should be willing to go absolutely explosive in order to secure their deserved championship.

One point that is worthy of your attention is that DRX made some crazy roster changes. Late 2023 newcomer Jung “Foxy9” Jae-Sung finds a home in DRX while long-time veterans Goo “Rb” Sang-min and Kim “Zest” Gi-seok are now a part of the inactive roster. Cho “Flashback” Min-hyuk has also graduated from their prospects team and now is a prodigy on the rise. Only being recognized as one of the top teams was never the point. If anything, these adjustments are an indication of DRX’s determination to grab their deserved championship.


5 Valorant Teams to Watch in 2024

Credit: Riot Games

The maestro, the godfather, the guardian, the magician – we are indeed talking about the much accomplished Erick “Aspas” Santos who never misses a chance to prove himself to a crowd. Well done Leviatán on securing this move because you have earned yourself just the right amount of reasons to be in the spotlight and grabbing everyone’s attention like a glare-magnet.

However, Leviatán is the furthest from being interested in putting on a one-man display. Under the visionary and skillful leadership of Francisco “kiNgg” Aravena Leviatán is aiming high. A groundbreaking snatch of the most talented Ian “tex” Botsch and recruitment of the promising coach Alex “goked” Kie sure does sound like Leviatán won’t chill without winning everything in 2024 and beyond.

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5 Valorant Teams to Watch in 2024
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