5 teams withdraw from ESL One Mumbai while EE’s squad steps in

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5 teams withdraw from ESL One Mumbai while EE’s squad steps in

Starting in just six days, ESL One Mumbai will be the first large Dota 2 LAN event in India. This makes it a very important tournament for the local scene because the fans will have the opportunity to meet and interact with their favourite players. However, due to yet again another overlap with a DPC tournament, five teams have decided to give up on ESL One Mumbai.

The ESL event finishes just a day before the start of OGA Dota Pit 2019. This means that it will be very hard (nearly impossible, to be honest) for the teams to play in both of the events. If they want to do so, they will need to go from India to Croatia right away. Of course, let's not forget about jetlag, flight delays, fatigue and much more.


Alliance, Ninjas in Pyjamas, Gambit, Chaos EC and J.storm

All three of them have decided not to go to India due to the schedule conflict with the upcoming Dota Pit Minor. According to the official statement, the organizers and the teams were unable to reach a solution to work for everyone.

The other two teams that won’t play in Mumbai are Gambit and J.Storm. Unlike the other three, they dropped out due to other commitments outside the Dota Pro Circuit. In the official statement by Team Chaos, they said that they realize the missed opportunity to play in Mumbai. However, it is better for them to take some time off and focus more on practice, team chemistry and avoiding burn out.

“We are disappointed that we could not work out a way for the affected teams to attend both tournaments. We think that the remaining seven squads and the addition of Team Team makes this a very competitive lineup..”

So, what now?

The final roster for ESL One Mumbai 2019 consists of Mineski, Na’Vi, The Pango, compLexity Gaming, Keen Gaming, Signify, TNC Predator and Team Team. EE’s team were added right after the departure of the five teams mentioned above. The NA team reached ESL on Twitter a few days ago if they could join the event because it was pretty obvious that some of the teams will be dropping out.

Due to the changes, there will also be a new format for the tournament. The Group stage will consist of two Bo3 double elimination brackets with four teams each. The results will determine seeding for the playoffs and all eight teams will have the chance to play at the Main Stage.

The format for the playoffs will remain the same. Double Elimination played in a Bo3 format until the Grand Final. Every game there will be played in front of a live audience from April 10-21 in NSCI Dome. The organizers promise that there will also be a world-class stage and broadcast production narrated by some of the best talents in Dota.

Group A

Natus Vincere

TNC Predator


Team Team


Group B

Keen Gaming


The Pango


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5 teams withdraw from ESL One Mumbai while EE’s squad steps in
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