5 Shortest Dota 2 Matches of 2023 (Under 30 minutes)

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5 Shortest Dota 2 Matches of 2023 (Under 30 minutes)

Even professional Dota 2 matches can sometimes end in a complete stomp! Here are 5 of the shortest Dota 2 matches of 2023

Typically, a game of Dota 2 can last anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour. It’s a game with multiple comeback opportunities for the losing side.

A failed High Ground Siege or an unfortunate Team Wipe can easily put the team at a disadvantage even when they’ve been dominating the entire game.

But there are some games where the winning team takes such an astounding lead that they steamroll over the opponent without giving them a chance at coming back. Even in the Professional Dota 2 scene, there are some games that end before we reach the half-hour mark.

These games are always fun to watch for us Dota 2 fans! So, with the year ending soon, let’s look at some of the quickest Dota 2 matches of 2023!

Shortest Dota 2 Matches of 2023

Here are some of the quickest games that we saw in the Professional Dota 2 scene in 2023

1. Azure Ray vs. Gaimin Gladiators – ESL One Kuala Lumpur powered by Intel 

  • Grand Finals – BO5 – Game 2
  • Duration:  27:50
  • Match ID: 7492451977
5 Shortest Dota 2 Matches of 2023 (Under 30 minutes)
Credit: Dota 2

A shocking move by Valve to release a big patch 7.35 in the middle of ESL One Kuala Lumpur playoffs was surprising to many fans. Some might even say that this is the reason why Azure Ray went off to win the tournament. 

But that doesn’t change the fact that the games were pretty amazing, with players having to adjust to different heroes and items in the middle of the tournament.

During the final BO5 series between Gaimin Gladiators and Azure Ray, GG had a stronger start. They quickly won two games, pushing Azure Ray into a corner. 

In the second game of the series, Gaimin Gladiators showed true domination, forcing the “GG” call out of Azure Ray only 27 minutes 50 seconds into the game. 

The performances of Quinn “Quinn” Callahan and Anton “Dyrachyo” Shkredov on Pangolier and Slark, respectively, were impeccable. Of course, Azure Ray went off to win the series, securing victory in all three subsequent games, but the fact remains that Gaimin Gladiators came pretty close to stomping them. 

The performance of the Carry-Mid duo of Gaimin Gladiator in game 2 was undeniably one for the hall of fame. Definitely a must-watch for Dota 2 fans if you missed it!

2. Team Liquid vs. Azure Ray – ESL One Kuala Lumpur powered by Intel 

  • Lower Bracket Finals – BO3 – Game 3 
  • Duration: 27:22
  • Match ID: 7492241389 
5 Shortest Dota 2 Matches of 2023 (Under 30 minutes)
Credit: Dota 2

Team Liquid was looking pretty strong throughout the ESL One Kuala Lumpur tournament, dominating most of their series. During the Lower Bracket Finals, though, Azure Ray proved to be a bit too hard for them to overcome. 

That doesn’t mean the game was one-sided by any means.

Team Liquid struck the first blow in the series, claiming victory in the first game. For the second game, Azure Ray brought out Mid Bounty Hunter and Carry Faceless Void to make it even.

In the third game of the series, Azure Ray secured the victory against Team Liquid within 27 minutes and 22 seconds into the match.

Now, Azure Ray, as a team, was going through roster changes prior to the tournament. With the departure of three of their strongest members, Lu “Somnus” Yao, Yang “Chalice” Shenyi, and Xu “Fy” Linsen, the team wasn’t really the fan favorite for the tournament.

Guo “Xm” Hongcheng, who joined Azure Ray voluntarily as a free agent with no salary, showcased exceptional Solo Mid performance as Viper in game 3 to carry his team to victory. By the end, he had 10 kills on his hero with 6 assists and 3 deaths.

3. Gaimin Gladiators vs. 9Pandas – The International 2023 

  • Lower Bracket Round 3 – BO3 – Game 1
  • Duration: 19:39
  • Match ID – 7393464447
5 Shortest Dota 2 Matches of 2023 (Under 30 minutes)
Credit: Dota 2

The International, for Dota 2 fans, is nothing short of Christmas. It’s equivalent to what Fifa is for Soccer fans, where Professional Dota 2 teams give it their all. 

This year’s TI was an amazing event where Team Spirit dominated the ladder and showed everyone why they are the returning Champions in the tournament. However, the honor of ending the game the quickest goes once again to Gaimin Gladiators.

Going into TI 12, Gaimin Gladiators were one of the favorites to take home the Aegis of Champions. So, when they dropped to the Lower Brackets during the playoffs, it came as a shock for many fans.

However, in the Lower Brackets, Gaimin Gladiators stepped up their game, demolishing any team they faced. In Lower Bracket Round 3, they faced off against 9Pandas and ended the first game of the BO3 series in under 20 minutes. 

Gaimin Gladiators conceded only 5 kills in the entire game, and Anton “Dyrachyo” Shkredov’s stellar performance on his signature Chaos Knight was one of the best moments of the entire TI 12. 

4. OG vs. Gaimin Gladiators – Riyadh Masters 2023 by Gamers8 

  • Group stage – B02 – Game 2
  • Duration: 18:04
  • Match ID – 7254853024
5 Shortest Dota 2 Matches of 2023 (Under 30 minutes)
Credit: Dota 2

If there’s one thing that Gaimin Gladiator does best, it's ending games early. During the Riyadh Masters 2023 Group Stage matches they dominated the BO2 against OG.

Although their performance during the playoffs was less than ideal, starting off in the lower bracket eventually losing out the series to Talon, during the group stages, they showed how powerful they are as a team.

In the group stage game 2 against OG, they picked up a carry Broodmother for Dyrachyo which was quite a surprise. But the true star of the show was Quinn, one of the best Dota 2 players of 2023, in on his signature hero Pangolier.

He ended the game with a 14/1/6 KDA score which in a professional game is extremely impressive. 

5. G2xIG vs. Team Spirit – The Bali Major 

  • Group Stage – BO2 – Game 2
  • Duration: 16:31
  • Match ID 7221671052
5 Shortest Dota 2 Matches of 2023 (Under 30 minutes)
Credit: Dota 2

The Bali Major was an exciting event for Dota 2 fans. With the Departure of Alexander “TORONTOTOKYO” Khertek from Team Spirit after their TI win, they were looking pretty shaky. 

Although Denis “Larl” Sigitov was a decent Midlaner, he wasn’t really on par with the skills of Team Spirit’s former solo mid. Or at least, that’s what most fans thought!

During their Group Stage match against G2xIG, Larl delivered a top-tier performance that left the crowd silencing the naysayers and bringing hope for the followers of the returning TI champions. It was a clear sign that Team Spirit has what it takes to take home the Aegis once again, like OG before them.

Larl’s impressive Ember Spirit gameplay helped Team Spirit secure the win and force a “GG” call out of G2xIG only after 16 minutes and 31 seconds.

Good Game, Well Played!

Short Dota 2 games are fun for the winning side, but it can be quite devastating if you’re on the receiving end. But hey – even the pros mess up. Even in professional matches, games can end before the clock strikes 30 minutes. 

So don’t get frustrated if you lose a game before your hero even comes online. Call GGWP, own up to your mistakes, and chalk it up as a learning experience. Good luck!

5 Shortest Dota 2 Matches of 2023 (Under 30 minutes)
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