5 Of The Most Annoying Heroes In Dota 2

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5 Of The Most Annoying Heroes In Dota 2

A handful of heroes who make you smash your keyboard.

We've seen many tiers for best heroes in the meta. However, there is an everlasting category which defines the most obnoxious heroes in Dota 2. These heroes are the ones who test your patience and make you rage, sometimes even more than your teammates. Most of the heroes on this list have one thing in common, they force the enemy to give special attention to them during the game. Something as complicated as Dota 2 requires a lot of attention to play, but a hero taking a share of that attention is itself annoying.

5. Viper

Viper is the gangster you don’t wanna mess with. Winning almost every mid-hero matchup, Viper is annoying because of his immense slow and overtime damage. Of course he also has the third ability which grants him increased magic resistance, decreased attack speed for enemy heroes and return damage. The hero’s first skill called Poison Attack slows and stacks with every hit. Viper’s talent tree gels very well with his abilities to make him even more irritating.

4. Riki

The hero Riki, a purple satyr, slinks through the shadows with his daggers drawn

Invisible after attaining level 6, Riki is one of the most annoying heroes in Dota 2. The hero forces teams to buy sentries and dust for detection. Riki also wields troublesome abilities like Smoke Screen which silences enemy heroes, Blink Strike and Tricks of the Trade which are good for both escaping or damaging the enemy heroes. Riki is a menace for enemy support heroes who have to spend gold on resources, but still fall victim to his treacherous ways.

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3. Tinker

The hero, Tinker, powers up his jetpack to charge into the fray

The everlasting hate for Tinker is a common thing to see in pub games. A small midget-like character sitting inside a robot to shoot laser beams and missiles with a cranky cartoon-like voice. It gets no more annoying than that. Tinker is pesky, to say the least. He gets going after farming his Boot of Travel item around the 10-minute mark and then he never stops until the enemy team gets a hold of him.

The impeccable ability to deal heavy nuke damage to the enemy lineup and push different lanes with the help of March of the Machines and Rearm. Tinker is often the orchestrator of the game. He is so important to stop that the enemy has to invest multiple heroes, time and resources to catch hold of him. Though a few heroes counter Tinker, the unique combination of abilities and items which he makes is extremely difficult to deal with for the enemy team.

2. Nature’s Prophet

The Hero, Natures Prophet, raises his horns toward the sun standing atop the boughs of cherry blossom tree

Similar to Tinker, Nature’s Prophet has great split pushing abilities. He can summon treants which push waves and buildings. NP can also teleport to any location on the map, making him incredibly mobile. That said, the split pushing annoys the enemy team to their very core. NP can be extremely devious at pushing when the enemy team is occupied. His constant pressure on the lanes forces enemy heroes to react, which stalls their game.

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1. Techies

The Dota 2 hero, Techies, a trio of goblins lay, their explosive traps on the battlefield

The list of most annoying heroes wouldn’t be complete without putting in this distasteful creature on the list. It has now come to a point where several players pray for removing Techies from Dota 2.

Techies are the epitome of annoyance in Dota 2. Blessed with abilities like Proximity Mines, Remote Mines and Blast Off, all of which blow other heroes, inflicting humongous amounts of damage. Squee, Spleen, and Spoon together make up the Techies which can single-handedly stop enemy’s attempts to push with tactical bomb plants. The meme hero is as fun to play as irritating. He keeps the enemy players on their toes and in constant fear of invisible explosives which can end their hero’s life. There is no doubt Techies takes the number one spot on the list of being an absolute pain for the enemy team.

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