CSGO Terminology Guide, Learn The CSGO Lingo

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CSGO Terminology Guide, Learn The CSGO Lingo

Games are full of weird jargon and complicated lingo. In this guide, we'll break down some CSGO terminology and CSGO Lingo that simply isn't explained.

Despite being the most popular shooter and the world and the fact that this game has been out for so many years, CSGO has new fans all the time. Some of them do their research before playing and learn more about the game, whereas others simply start playing. If you are a part of the second group, this article is for you.

Aside from learning how to shoot and how to position yourself properly, CSGO also has specific terms you have to be aware of. Those things are not a must if you play for fun, but once you start playing matchmaking matches, you will have to know a thing or two about them.

Keep in mind that every CSGO map has a specific terminology you must know, such as the bomb sites, connectors, etc. Needless to say, we won’t be able to include everything here, which is why the guide will focus more on some general terms.


The first term that you will often see people use is called AWPer. This one is pretty easy to understand, even if you don’t have a lot of experience. AWPer is used when for players who use the AWP in a given round or someone known for being good with it.


The word Ace is used when a player kills the entire enemy team. What’s interesting is that many online bookmakers provide special odds for aces, so definitely pay attention to those things while watching a given game.


The term boost can be used in different scenarios. On the one hand, people use it when someone clearly does not belong in a given skill bracket. Usually, players call this person “boosted” because he either paid for an account or someone else to boost him to the given rank.

The other usage of “Boost” is when someone jumps on the back of an ally to reach a specific location on the map that was inaccessible before that. Every map has all sorts of boost spots, so keep that in mind.


Also known as Shot Caller, this is the person whose role is to lead his team. Some people also call him a captain, but there are no such things as captains when you play with random players. 


As mentioned earlier, every CSGO map has its specific locations, such as the bomb sites. In order for players to communicate more efficiently, they often use Callouts to say where they’ve seen a given player, where the bomb is, active shootings, HP, and so on.

Each map usually has at least a couple of callouts, and you have to learn all of them if you decide to play competitively. This will help you a lot when you start communicating with your teammates.


Although most of you are probably familiar with this term from other shooters, camping is used when someone stays in a given area for an extended period of time. The term typically has a negative meaning, and people frequently use it to insult someone who likes to wait for his opponents to come to him.


This is one of the more specific CSGO terms that you may not have heard of so far. Collateral is used when someone kills at least two enemies with a single shot. Also known as Double Kill in CS 1.6, players use this term if the person lands a kill with his Dealer or AWP.


Dota 2 players know that the carry is the most important hero in the game because he often helps his team win. Well, the term in CSGO has almost the same meaning, but it is used for people who carry their team to victory. Even though most people use it for the player with the most kills, the team’s carry doesn’t always need to be the top killer.


Deagle is a term in CSGO that is a synonym of the pistol called Desert Eagle. Every old-school CSGO player knows this, but people who do not have a lot of experience might be puzzled, which is why we’ve decided to include it.


CSGO is famous for its unique weapons and the fact that it offers a lot of utility items. One of them is called a Flashbang, and it blinds players for a couple of seconds if they are under its effect.

Since Flashbang is too long, people call it flash. So, don’t be surprised if someone from your team tells you to buy a flash or to flash a given callout. The latter means that you have to throw your Flashbang so that your team can move in and kill your opponents.


KD is the short form of Kills and Deaths, which means people use it when talking about their Kill to death ratio. Needless to say, you should always try to have more kills than deaths.


The term Molly can be used in all sorts of situations, including outside of CSGO. However, the term has an entirely different meaning than the one you’re most likely familiar with. 

When someone uses Molly in CSGO, the player usually refers to a Molotov. The latter is one of the many utility items that are exclusively available to the Terrorists. It does the same thing as the CT’s alternative – it deals 40 damage per second in a given area.


One of the common terms you will see people use is called No Scope, also known as No Zoom.  This term is used when someone kills another player without using the given weapon’s scope. It is often used for AWPers, but you can also land no scope kills with scout and other weapons.


The term Ninja in CSGO has a different meaning than you might think. Instead of using it for someone who is agile and hard to kill, CS players use the “Ninja” when someone from the CT teams manages to defuse the bomb in a situation where it seemed impossible. 

Of course, Ninja can also be used for the Ts when they plant the bomb.

CSGO Terminology Guide, Learn The CSGO Lingo
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