VALORANT: Get Your Skins For Cheaper With Night Market

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VALORANT: Get Your Skins For Cheaper With Night Market

The best way to get new bling has returned to Riot Games’ shooter is back!

Yesterday, one of VALORANT’s most liked features, Night Market, made its return! In this event, you can get huge discounts on a select number of skins, unique to everyone who logs in and opens their presents during the time window.

The last Night Market started on May 18 and lasted until the end of the month, ending on May 31. That was the third  Night Market of 2022 and the tenth overall, so the one that’s active mark the eleventh time this feature has been added to the game.

During Night Market, players can roll six skins with huge discounts, sometimes for 50 percent off! Every rarity of Weapon Skins will be available except for the Ultra Edition ones, which are only available in the store.

Night Market

This Night Market will last until August 2, so don’t hesitate to grab your favorite skins before they are gone!