Dota 2: Eastern Europe Tour 3 Division I and Division II Overview – Week 6

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Dota 2: Eastern Europe Tour 3 Division I and Division II Overview – Week 6

We take a look at all the action from Week 6 in Eastern Europe's Tour 3 of the DPC.

Eastern Europe is once again one of the most exciting regions in Dota 2. Four teams have equal chances of securing a slot for the PGL Arlington Major. With that being said, only three teams succeeded.

Aside from the action in Division I, Division II was also fun ot watch. Nemiga Gaming already secured a slot for the upper echelon, but there was one more slot for the upper Division. As a result, the matches were exciting to watch.

Division I

Team Spirit vs BB Team

There were a couple of big series this week in Division I, but Team Spirit vs BetBoom Team was the one that people were keen to see. Unsurprisingly, these two were among the big favorites for the Major slots, so it was exciting to see the result.

Game 1

Despite not getting their hands on their signature Nature’s Prophet, BetBoom picked a couple of interesting heroes in game one. As for Team Spirit, they’ve focused on the brute force by getting Sven and BM.

The start was not significant for TI 10 champions because BB’s Night Stalker allowed his team to win the laning stage. However, their lead did not last long because Illya “Yatoro” Mulyarchuk and his Sven suddenly became unstoppable. The legendary CIS player became too strong for his opponents because they had no way of killing him.

Spirit used this to their advantage and won several big fights, which allowed them to secure a comfortable lead. In the end, Team Spirit delivered its big punch and won the first map.

Game 2

The second game of this epic series looked similar to the first one. However, BetBoom matched to snatch Nature’s Prophet, one of their best heroes. It was not easy, but after 44 minutes of epic fights, Akbar “SoNNeikO” Butaev and the rest equalized the series.

The two teams were neck and neck throughout most of the game. However, BetBoom got the Aegis on the NP 28 minutes after the start and won a massive fight near the Radiant’s T1 tower afterward. This gave BB a big lead, and the team used it to equalize the series.

Game 3

Despite losing against NP, Team Spirit decided to allow their opponents to use the hero for the third game. This time, Spirit used some of the most comfortable herpes that helped them win the most prestigious event in Dota 2.

As expected, the start was not easy for Yatoro and the rest because BB had a better draft for the early game. However, once the team survived, it took manners into its own hands and slowly started building its lead.

The bad news for Team Spirit was that BB Team didn’t want to go down without a fight. In fact, the team won a few big fights, which allowed them to secure a comfortable 7k net worth lead 35 minutes after the start. Sadly, this was not enough to stop Terrorblade, one of the deadliest late-game carries.

A couple of back-and-forth teamfights later, TS became too powerful for their opponents. The International 10 champions won this series and guaranteed a slot for the PGL Arlington Major.

Division II

PuckChamp vs HYDRA

PuckChamp was one of the teams in Eastern Europe’s Division II that had some chances of securing a slot for the upper division. However, the team made a couple of big mistakes that prevented it from taking advantage of the situation.

Despite winning this match, PC will continue to play in Division II for the first tour of the following DPC season. The same applies to HYDRA because the team failed to 

Game 1

Interestingly, PC picked Sven in the first game, even though he had to play against Ursa and Sven. Both heroes counter this late-game monster, but PC played better and won the match.

No one expected the team to win, but HYDRA’s many mistakes gave their opponents the needed advantage. Despite having some of the best counters against even, the latter ripped through his opponents like a knife through butter.

Game 2

We thought that HYDRA wouldn’t have the motivation to defeat its opponent in the second game of the series, especially after losing the first one. However, Lycan and Ogre managed to defeat the deadly Ursa and IO combi.

Despite the good laning stage, PC lost a big fight that gave their opponents a solid advantage. HYDRA used the momentum, and their Lycan punished his enemies. The hero became so strong that even Ursa and Doom were not powerful enough to stop him. This pushed the series into game three.

Game 3

The last series between the two was almost 40 minutes long, and it included the best heroes in the meta. Similar to the last two games, the two teams had a good start and were neck and neck. However, this did not last long because PuckChamp took control of the game.

The team accumulated a jaw-dropping 10k net worth lead just 20 minutes after the start. Abdimalik “Malik” Sailau and his team continued to dominate, but their opponent Zeus did not allow them to win faster. After more than 15 minutes of turtling, PuckChamp won the match.


After Team Spirit’s victory against BB Team, TI champions, Na’Vi and Virtus.Pro (Outsiders) had the same win/loss ratio. Hence, they had to fight in the Tiebreaker to determine the top three finish.

Most fans expected Team Spirit to have no problems against its counterparts. However, this was not the case because Yatoro and the rest lost both series against Outsiders and Natus Vincere. 

The battle between TI 10 champions and Outsiders was epic because both teams could win, but in the end, Roman “RAMZES666” Kushnarev and the rest were victorious. This was the team’s second victory in the Tiebreaker after defeating Natus Vincere in the first match. Therefore, Virtus.Pro finished first in Division I.

The final match of the Tiebreaker was between Team Spirit and Natus Vincere. Everyone was eager to watch a thrilling one-hour deathmatch, but Na’Vi was the better team and had no problems against its opponent. Hence, the team finished second and received one of the slots for the PGL Arlington Major.

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Dota 2: Eastern Europe Tour 3 Division I and Division II Overview – Week 6
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