Dota 2 WEU Tour 3 Division I & II Overview – Week 2

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Dota 2 WEU Tour 3 Division I & II Overview – Week 2

Following week 1, it is time for our overview of the second week of Tour 3 of the 2021/2022 DPC in Western Europe. Check out our recap of Dota 2 WEU Tour 3 below.

We saw a couple of interesting results last week when OG won against Secret and Secret dominated against Alliance.The second week also gave us the chance to watch several big events. The fan favorites (OG) had two matches, both of which were fun to watch. Of course, there were a couple of additional top-rated options, so let’s check them in this article.

Division I

OG vs Tundra

The first series of the week was as intriguing as the first one from last week. Just like a couple of days ago, OG had to start the week by playing against one of the best teams in the Division. After defeating Team Secret, the next challenge for the young squad was Tundra Esports.

Even though people expected Bozhidar “bzm” Bogdanov and his teammates to have no problems, things didn’t go as planned. In fact, the ESL One Stockholm 2022 champions had no chances in both games.

Despite picking their cingulate Enigma in both games, OG had no chances of winning. The first one was more interesting because bzm and co. had a stable start. However, the Razor, IO, and Zeus combo quickly ripped through them, and it did not allow the team to shine.

After losing game one, the second map was completely one-sided. Both teams picked an almost identical draft. Even though OG changed their carry and offlaner, the team lost the match after 17 minutes. This loss showed everyone that OG is not undefeatable, despite being one of the best in the world right now.

Entity vs GS

The second series of the week put together Entity and GS. Both teams won their first matches last week, so one of them had to lose. We definitely didn’t expect Entity to be victorious, but Daniel “Stormstormer” Schoetzau and the rest won both maps.

Game 1

The first match was 37 minutes, and it was a battle between two of the strongest late-game carries in Dota 2. GS had a good draft on paper, but after losing the landing stage, Entity’s TB and Invoker combo became too strong. 

The Swedish powerhouse tried to delay the game, so their Spectre could bounce back. However, their efforts were not enough because Entity was too strong. This forced Gustav “s4” Magnusson and the rest to focus on the second map.

Game 2

The second map was a lot more interesting and close. Entity tried to use one of the best drafts for defending their HG, whereas their opponents focused on picking a team-fight combo. GS had some success early on, but in the end, Sniper and Venomancer were too strong to deal with. 

The pesty right-clicking hero was able to kill his opponents before Tiny and IO had the chance to jump on him. This allowed Entity to win their second series in the event, which gave them enough motivation for their next match vs OG.

OG vs Entity

The second challenge of the week for OG was none other than Entity. The latter won its first two matches, so he was in a good position to win this one and gain the lead in the Division. However, this was easier said than done because they had to go up against the ESL One Stockholm 2022 champion.

Game 1

The first game between the two allowed us to see BZM’s Zeus and Artem “Yuragi” Golubiev’s Phantom Lancer in action. Even though they had to play against TB, Tiny and Enigma, the young squad managed to defeat its opponents after an epic battle.

Things looked pretty even until the 19th minute when Entity won a big team fight. Despite killing most of OG’s squad, Entity failed to kill Roshan fast enough. The Major champions used a few buybacks, killed Entity’s cores, and secured Roshan for themselves. This is when things swung in their favor.

OG continued to dominate after that and slowly gained an even more impressive lead. Although Entity’s TB was massive, he was unable to defeat PL and Zeus.

Game 2

We expected Entity to come even stronger in the second game of the series. However, this didn’t happen because OG picked Alchemist Zeus and Puck. These three heroes are becoming the hottest picks right now, and OG showed us why.

Unlike in the first game where OG had to bounce back after losing the early and mid-game, the EU powerhouse had no problems. As expected, the team dominated in the laning stage, and their Alchemist had almost 1K GPM at one point.

Needless to say, OG used this hero to the maximum. After getting an Aegis near the 27th minute, the team won the next fight. This was enough for their opponents to use the GG call because they had no way of killing the unstoppable six-slotted Alchemist.

Division II


The second division in Western Europe is a lot more interesting than the other ones because of Nigma Galaxy. TI 7 champions ended up here after a dreadful performance in Tour 2. However, thanks to Syed Sumail “SumaiL” Hassan, the team looks more robust than ever.

Following Nigma’s success against IVY last week, SumaiL and co. won another match. This time, they had to go up against DGG Esports.

The first match was more intriguing because NGX used heroes that they are not known for. In fact, we think that DGG had the better draft and could win, but NGX’s class allowed them to dominate. The team won the laning stage and used their advantage to push and prevent their opponents from farming.

Game 2

After putting heroes like Marci to the test, Nigma Galaxy used one of SumaiL’s hidden weapons – Alchemist. It seems like this hero is back in the meta because he has been doing really well recently.

As expected, Nigma had no problems in the second game and won after 26 minutes. Their Alch became too strong for their opponents, who relied on the Black Hole to win. Sadly, they did not have enough damage to bring down the overfarmed.


Dota 2 WEU Tour 3 Division I & II Overview – Week 2
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