Dota 2: Which Are the Heroes With the Lowest Win Rating in This Patch?

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Dota 2: Which Are the Heroes With the Lowest Win Rating in This Patch?

We take a look at which heroes are bottom of the barrel in the current meta.

Since the current meta has been around for a couple of months, we are probably a few weeks away from a new patch. Most people are eager to see what Valve has in store for us because they are fed up with seeing Storm and TA in every game. 

The ESL One Stockholm 2022 and the DPC matches had a massive effect on the pub meta. Unsurprisingly, people started copying some of the best players in the world. This affects a given hero’s win rating.

Even though heroes like CK, Omni, and Jakiro are among the most successful in the current patch, several names fail to impress. Instead of focusing on the strongest heroes, this article will share more information about the names you should avoid. Although the heroes mentioned below might work in some situations, they are not as powerful as the hottest in the meta.


Surprisingly, the first hero on the list is Broodmother, one of the best last picks in the game. Broodmother is a hero that is notorious for her pushing capabilities and the fact that she can win most 1v1 matchups. Moreover, the hero has the power to farm the lane and the side camps simultaneously.

Unfortunately, it seems like most people who pick her have no idea how to make the most of her. Even though she has never been a meta hero, BM works in every patch, as long as the game is suitable for her. This is where people have problems because some can’t decide whether picking Brood is a good idea.

One of the hero’s biggest problems is the fact that it has many counters. Sand King, Ember Spirit, and Legion Commander are just a few names that stand out. The fact that there is a counter in the game means that Broodmother can’t utilize her potential. This is one of the reasons why the hero only has a 44.52% win rating.

Nature’s Prophet

The second hero on this list is Furion, which will probably surprise some of you. Those who followed the Major know that Nature’s Prophet was one of the popular picks for teams, such as BetBoom. In fact, the CIS powerhouse used him in the carry role.

Even though Nature’s Prophet is a hero who can work in many situations, learning to use his potential is not easy. It seems like most people have no idea how to do that, which reflects on his win rating. The latter is just 44.65%, which is bad.

Furion is a hero that requires you to be mobile and have good decision-making. Whether you are in the support or core role, your job is usually to help your team with ganks and try to split push as much as possible. This seems easy on paper, but in reality, people often have problems.

Ember Spirit

Some people might not believe it, but Ember Spirit is one of the least successful heroes in the current meta. According to DotaBuff and the stats there, Ember only has a 45.02% win rating, making him the worst mid laner in the game. This is really strange, considering the fact that Ember has always been one of the top picks among pro players.

One of the reasons for the hero’s low win rating is that he is hard to master. Ember might seem easy to pick up because he does a lot of damage. However, the hero can die pretty fast and requires you to hit your Searing Chains in order to be effective. Sadly, many people fail to do that and can’t use his full potential.

Another reason why Ember’s win rating is not as impressive as some people might think is because of Storm Spirit. Even though this matchup is not as one-sided as it once was, Storm Spirit continues to be one of Ember’s most extensive counters. Since this is Storm’s meta, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Ember is not that strong.


The next name on our list is Batrider, a hero that used to be among the preferred offlaners for many professional teams. However, the nerfs and the fact that there are better heroes in his position pushed him away from the meta.

Nowadays, Batrider has a 45.08% win rating, making him slightly more successful than Ember. However, unlike the mobile mid laner, Bat is not a hero that can carry a pub game on his own. His specific skills are great for picking off enemies, but he relies on his allies to score kills. 

Apart from being an offlaner, Batrider can also work in the mid lane, but only in certain scenarios. The hero is perfect in a 1v1 situation, but he doesn’t scale as well as other popular mid laners.

Monkey King

Those who’ve watched ESL One Stockholm 2022 know that Monkey King was one of the popular picks for several teams. Although some of them used him in the support role, players like Artem “Yuragi” Golubiev played MK as a carry. 

The hero won the majority of games he played in, but it seems like most PUB players don’t know how to utilize him properly. Monkey King has a total of 45.37% win rating in the current match, despite being one of the most famous heroes in the game.

Unlike other right-clicking monsters, MK has very low armor. Despite his fantastic early game damage, those who can’t survive often end up dying a couple of times. Unsurprisingly, this doesn’t have a good effect on their win rating.


Speaking of carries that are successful in the pro scene, we have to mention Terrorblade. This is one of the preferred heroes for all sorts of teams and one of the few names that show up in pretty much every patch. Even though TB might not be the hottest hero in a given meta, his late-game power allows him to shine.

Unfortunately, most people who pick Terrorblade in pubs fail to survive until the late game when the hero becomes much stronger. A six-slotted Terrorblade can easily carry his entire team.

Dota 2: Which Are the Heroes With the Lowest Win Rating in This Patch?
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