CS:GO: Dust 2 Smoke Guide

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CS:GO: Dust 2 Smoke Guide

A quick guide to smoke tactics on CS:GO's Dust 2.

Whether you play competitively or decide to have fun with friends, you will have the chance to try out loads of different maps. Although some of them are more popular than others, the map that every CS player knows is called Dust 2. Besides being extremely popular in CS 1.6, Dust 2 quickly became the preferred option in CS:GO. 

There are many reasons why this is one of the most popular maps in Counter-Strike. Besides the fact that the CTs and Ts are fairly balanced, the map also offers players the chance to do a lot of cool tricks. There are tons of guides out there showing you some interesting tactics, so make sure to check them.

Speaking of tactics, almost everything you do as a T or a CT involves using a smoke. This is one of the most underrated utility items in the game, which is strange because it can do wonders. Sadly, many people waste their smokes without achieving anything with it. That’s why this guide will try to help you learn a few important things about using smoke on Dust 2.

The ones near T spawnc

Some people might think that only smokes are used primarily by the CT side. It is true that this utility can be beneficial for the Counter-Terrorists, but this doesn’t mean that Ts don’t use them. On the contrary, every team needs to throw at least a couple of smokes to push. Dust 2 is relatively one-sided, but unless Ts use smoke, they can’t push.

The first smoke you have to learn how to use is for Long, and you can use it near the T spawn. The idea here is to run towards Long, and once you reach the car (it will be on your right), you have to throw the smoke while looking up. If you do this right, you will be able to smoke the long corner. In other words, your opponents won’t be able to see you if you decide to Rush this point.

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Speaking of spawns, another interesting smoke can save you from the CT AWPer who will watch mid. One of the things you can do is to throw a classic smoke that has to land near the door. Although this may seem simple, there are cases where it won’t work.

You can also throw a smoke that will save you from the AWPer when you get close to the car. Once that happens, look up and place your crosshair where the mid door is located. After you are ready, you can jump and throw the smoke. If you’ve done everything right, your smoke should land on top of the xbox.

Pushing A site

Aside from the smokes that you can use near the T spawn, there are loads of other options. One of them can be used if you decide to push the A site from short. Once you go there, get close to the gate and throw a smoke aiming between the window and the roof of the building opposite of you. If you do this right, the smoke will land in a way that will allow you to push. However, if you mess it up, the smoke may leave a small gap that the CTs’ AWPer can use.

Speaking of smoking the A site, you should also throw a grenade in a way that will allow you to block the CT spawn. There are numerous ways of doing this, such as throwing a smoke before you even start climbing the stairs at short. With that being said, some people prefer to throw the smoke on the ground once they start rushing. Both things could work, so it all comes down to the situation and the people you have to face.

The B site

There are a couple of essential things you need to know if you decide to rush the B site. Even though some people claim that it is the “easier” bomb to secure, this depends on the people you’re playing against. You can often find CS players who are good and can defend this bombsite very well. In this case, you definitely need to know how to smoke, and you need to throw at least a couple of flashes.

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The first step when you decide to rush B is to smoke the door that leads to the bomb. Doing this will prevent your opponents from seeing you, and it will allow you to kill them if they decide to push. Unfortunately, throwing smoke at this location is easier said than done.

Some people throw the smoke while rushing, which can work, but only if you don’t die in the process. In order to avoid this, you have to try to land the smoke there before rushing. To do that, you need to go near the first pillar (the one on the left when you enter from T spawn) and lookup. Once ready, you need to use your smoke and use the jump-throw technique. If you’ve done it right, it will land in front of the door.


If you have to play on Dust 2 as a CT, there are all sorts of smokes that you can use to make your life easier. Unlike those on the T side, most CT ones are pretty basic. That's why there is no need to go through each one.

With that being said, one of the crucial smoke you need to be aware of is the one that will allow you to hide from the Ts AWPer. The classic variation is to throw it near the door, go close to it, and move to the other side. 

However, you can also throw it in the middle and try to cross through it. Although a random shot may kill you through the smoke, usually, you should be able to pass safely. In both cases, your opponents wouldn’t know how many people went to the B side and what to expect.

Even though throwing smokes might seem difficult, you will eventually learn how to make use of them.

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