4 CS2 problems You Should Know

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4 CS2 problems You Should Know

Here are some of the things in Counter-Strike 2 that are just not that good.

CS2 became available a couple of days ago, and it quickly became one of Valve’s signature games. People who haven’t had the chance to play it yet can check our CS2 beginner guide and learn everything about it. 

Even though we, as well as most players around the world, like the new game, there are certain CS2 problems that we’d like to address. The game features tons of new graphics, smoke effects, and other kinds of options that make it better. There is no arguing that the pros outweigh the cons, but there are also a few drawbacks that we must address. 

Net graph is not available

Even though some people would not call this a CS2 problem, we think that it’s definitely an issue, especially for old-school players. Valve’s new game removed some of the game’s iconic console commands, one of which is net_graph. In case you do not remember, this was the thing that revealed your FPS, loss, choke, and other important data.

We are not sure why, but Counter-Strike 2 does not have this option. This is not the end of the world because there are other tools we can use to keep track of this data. However, it is definitely annoying.


One of the first things you will notice in CS2 is that the movement seems a bit different. It’s not necessarily bad, it just feels weird, especially if you are coming from CS:GO. Due to the fact that Counter-Strike 2 is more resource-demanding, sometimes, your movement does not seem as smooth as it should be. However, we expect this to change in the future because Valve will release smaller updates that will address this issue.

Sound issues

An interesting thing that we have noticed in CS2 is that the sound in the game feels weird. We thought that this CS2 problem was because of our hardware, but when we started digging for more information, it turned out that a lot of people were complaining as well.

There are a couple of settings that you can use to improve your sound, but some things just feel off. For example, footsteps do not seem that important anymore because they do not provide enough information. 

When discussing CS2 problems and movement, it seems like holding an angle is much more complicated than before. Some people may call this a skill issue, which could be true, but we’ve seen that even players like Floppy have complained about it. If you haven’t paid any attention so far, look at how people peek and how easy it is for them to land a kill. 

The game is more graphic-demanding

The last CS2 problem we want to talk about is something that will affect a lot of people, and it’s related to the system requirements. We’ve briefly mentioned it at the beginning of the article, but people who do not have the best gaming PCs may have problems when they want to make the most of Counter-Strike 2. 

One of the big reasons why the Counter-Strike franchise has been so successful is that you do not need to have a powerful computer to play the game. This is also true for CS2, but since the game is new, some players will have to upgrade their PCs if they want to have the best possible performance.

It’s important to remember that CS2 is an FPS game where everything matters. People who want to be the best at the game can’t afford to have any FPS drops or other problems that will affect their performance. Therefore, we expect some gamers to buy better CPUs, GPUs, and even more RAM, just so they can be better in Valve’s new game. As mentioned, this is not exactly a CS2 problem, but some people will have difficulties, so they need to spend more money.

4 CS2 problems You Should Know
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