2020 PUBG Esports Plans Revealed

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2020 PUBG Esports Plans Revealed

PUBG Esports has announced plans for the 2020 schedule. Featuring four global events, revenue sharing and partner events.

Firstly, PUBG is looking to double-down the 2019 format for PUBG esports as they reveal four PUBG Global Series (PGS) events in 2020. The events will take place in April, July, October and November, each featuring 32 teams and larger prize pools supplemented with crowdfunding. Locations for all four events are not yet known, however, Berlin will play host to the April event.

PGS: Berlin will be the first marquee event on the PUBG esports calendar with qualification beginning in February for most regions. With the introduction of the PUBG Global Series, regional leagues (such as NPL and PEL) will transform into an open qualification system feeding the region’s teams into each PGS event.

The NPL and PEL events will feature online and offline elements, with the 2019 location restriction being removed. PUBG also confirmed that the 2019 PGC Champions will gain automatic qualification for PGS: Berlin.

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Revenue Sharing

Revenue sharing was a successful part of 2019, with more than $6 million USD in prize pool and crowdfunding going to teams at the 2019 PGC. This year, the PUBG Corporation will create new in-game items for each PGS event to supplement prize pools and generate additional revenue for participating teams. The 2019 Pick’Em challenges will return with a new system that supports all teams with a focus on maximizing in-game engagement.

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Partnership Events

PUBG will also grow the esports ecosystem with additional third-party. By opening up the number of tournaments available for fans and prospective players to attend, tournament organizers and influencers can present alternative viewing experiences and content that PUBG hope will bring top-tier competitive battle royale to all.

PUBG announced that they’ll share more details in the near future.