1Win Replaced by OG at ESL One Birmingham 2024

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1Win Replaced by OG at ESL One Birmingham 2024

ESL One Birmingham is about to start soon, but it seems the event will be controversial. Let’s see why this is the case.

1Win is among the Dota 2 teams that secured a slot for ESL One Birmingham 2024, a Dota 2 event that will begin on April 22. The tournament will have a $1M reward and will feature a lot of top-tier teams. Sadly, 1Win won’t be among them because OG will take their slot.

OG To Replace 1Win

Due to visa issues, 1Win won’t be able to take part in the tournament that will be held in the UK. This means that the second-best team in the qualifier will take the spot, which means OG will be heading to Birmingham.

In case you don’t remember, OG failed to secure a slot for ESL One Birmingham 2024 after finishing 2nd. The team reached the Grand Final, but they did not have the power to overcome Tundra Esports. 

On the other hand, 1Win secured a slot for this tournament after defeating the rest in the Eastern European Closed Qualifiers. Despite the loss against Team Klee at the start, the squad bounced back and ripped through their enemies. The bad news is that we won’t be able to see 1Win against some of the best in the world.

ESL One Birmingham 2024 – The Controversy

At first sight, there is nothing wrong with ESL One Birmingham 2024’s decision to give 1Win’s slot to OG. However, it seems like the people behind the Eastern European squad are not happy. In fact, they called out ESL for giving their slot to OG, despite the fact that, allegedly, all of 1Win’s players had their passports and visas ready.

In response, KheZu said that the entire “esl stole our slot” thing is not true and that 1Win failed to meet the deadline for their vias.

We are still waiting to learn more about 1Win’s official announcement, but one thing is certain – the organization is not happy. Whether ESL’s decision was for the better or not remains to be seen. What we know is that OG will finally take part in a big international tournament.

ESL One Birmingham 2024 starts a couple of days from now, and it will include a lot of big names. We have yet to give a full overview of the tournament, but what we know is that there will be 12 teams playing for the $1M reward. Expect more information in the next couple of days.

1Win Replaced by OG at ESL One Birmingham 2024
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