⁠b0denmaster⁠ and djay Part Ways With ATK

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⁠b0denmaster⁠ and djay Part Ways With ATK

The Swedish AWper and the Canadian rifler are no longer associated with the South African organization 

Jonathan “⁠b0denmaster⁠” Bodenmalm took to Twitter to officially announce that he is no longer an ATK player. Hours later, his ex-ATK colleague Jonathan “⁠djay⁠” Dallal also made his departure from the ATK roster official with a Twitlonger post. “I just wanted to take a moment to inform you all that the team has opted to remove me from the team,” djay wrote in his post. 

“It's clear I failed to find my individual form on the team so it was an understandable decision,” the former EG White rifler continued. 

The duo, alongside the rest of their ATK teammates, have been free agents since February 28. ATK could not reach new contract agreements with anyone, and the future of their CSGO team is uncertain at the moment. 

b0denmaster is reportedly playing in Europe since his ATK contract ran out. The Swede did not talk about his current activities as a player, but he clarified why he chose not to renegotiate an extension with ATK. Since he lives in Europe, playing in a North American time zone is not an easy adjustment to make. 

“After playing from Europe to North American servers for the last 2 months, me and the team have decided that I'm not gonna play until the situation has been sorted out. Having me on such a high ping and even playing from 2 AM to 6 AM in the morning is not fun or healthy for me and I can't contribute to the team as I should.”

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b0denmaster became a part of the  ATK roster in January 2022, after leaving Lilmix, the organization he co-founded. During his time with ATK, the team attended several LAN events, and b0denmaster helped lead them to make two playoff appearances at Fragadelphia. They also participated in the IEM Road to Rio 2022 Americas RMR, where they didn't quite make it to the top, but still put up a respectable 2-3 record. The South African side also qualified for the ESL Pro League Season 17 but ended the competition without a single map win. 

djay joined ATK in December 2022. He was a member of ATK’s ESEA Cash Cup: North America – Autumn 2022 #7 winning team. 

⁠b0denmaster⁠ and djay Part Ways With ATK
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