WoW: How To Gear Up In Dragonflight Season 1

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WoW: How To Gear Up In Dragonflight Season 1

A new wow Season brings new ways to gear up. Make sure you’re prepared for Dragonflight Season 1.

Dragonflight has opened up a number of new ways to gear up, while also removing some of the more annoying ways we've seen in the past. While there are a few “grindy” methods, for the most part, it's fairly simple.

World Quests

One of the earliest and easiest ways to get gear in the new patch is via World Quests. You'll normally get around two or three items per 3-day WQ rest, so there's not rush. These short three-to-five-minute quests will be found over the four main zones. These are reset

While not offering the highest item level loot, World Quests can be good to fill out troublesome slots, especially trinkets and weapons. World Quests item level will also scale as you gain renown, making them especially good for those gearing up alts.

Super Rares

While the time is a little odd, the idea is fairly simple. Note this is the most grindy method of getting gear. However, it is some of the best. This lovely community-created term is used for a special group of rare mobs that can spawn with very high loot. Regular rares will drop between 369-372. However, super rares can go up to 385, making them a great source of pre-raid/M+ gear. We've linked two Weakauras below to help you track them a little easier.

Super Rare weakauras

Crafting gear

The new crafting system is a great source of major pieces of gear. While you probably won't get a full set too early, going for one or two major pieces is something you should go for. While each spec will need different things, a simple rule of thumb is to look at weapons or non-tier armor spots. Our advice would be to hold onto your Sparks (if you look at this after week 10 then don't worry) until you know what tier items you'll get.

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There's too much to cover here. However, renown has some nice sources of gear, especially if you can get to them early. Though the best rewards tend to come towards the end of the tree, it's still a decent way of getting gear if you're not interested in the higher-end PvE content. Wowhead has a full list of community-written guides for each faction. Alternatively, it might be worth checking out your class Discord for what renown is best for you.

Dungeons and Mythic +

This is your only farmable source of gear that can be done all day. With Normal and Heroic dungeons, you’ll be able to get some decent starting loot. For those of you who are healers or tanks, you’ll also get near-instant queues, so gearing up will be fast. The final dungeon level before Mythic + is Mythic dungeons, often just called M0. These are once per week, though they offer you your first look at some of the epic gear in the game.

Mythic Plus (M+) is the final pillar of the Dungeon rotation. These are much harder than Mythic versions, scaling higher with the key you use. These dungeons are also timed and will require you to find a group beforehand and plan accordingly. Thankfully, with the scaling on the ilvl of the loot and the replayability of M+, you’ll be able to spam these to your heart’s content. Providing you can find keys. For a look at the new affix, you can check out our Season 1 M+ guide.

Mythic + Weekly Vault

When you do a set number of Mythic +, raid boss kills, or Arena matches, you’ll unlock access to your Weekly Vault. The item level on offer and how you unlock each depends on what level of content you do, but below we’ll give a brief look at what you’ll get.

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Raiding – Killing 2/4/6 raid bosses will offer you a choice of loot. The Item level will depend on what difficulty of raid you’ve killed the bosses in.
Mythic+ – Completed 1/4/8 keys will unlock these slots. The item level scales, with +2 offering 382Item level, while +20 offers 421 item level
PvP – Unlocked when you earn 1250/2500/5000 Conquest Points in a given week.


The final pillar of gearing via PVE comes from raiding with loot scaling from LFR, Normal, Heroic, and finally, Mythic. LFR is separated into wings and allows you to sign up to play with random players via the in-game Raid Finder. Though LFR offers the lowest item level, it doesn’t require the time commitment that raiding at the higher levels does.

With Normal and above, you’ll need to enter with a group of friends. Starting at 10, and going up to 30 for Normal and Heroic. With Mythic, the hardest mode is locked to 20. The item level in each of the four raid modes increases as shown below:

LFR – 376 for the first four, 382 for wing bosses, and 385 for the final bosses
Normal – 389 for the first four, 395 for wing bosses, and 398 for the final bosses
Heroic – 402 for the first four, 408 for wing bosses, and 411 for the final bosses
Mythic – 415 for the first four, 421 for wing bosses, and 424 for the final bosses

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WoW: How To Gear Up In Dragonflight Season 1
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