WoW Dragonflight Great Vault Guide, Rewards, Start Date and More

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WoW Dragonflight Great Vault Guide, Rewards, Start Date and More

Dragonflight means the Great Vault is back. Here's all the information about how it will work.

The Dragonflight Great Vault will offer players one item a week. The item you can pick will depend on the content you completed and at what level you completed it at. At most, you can get 9 total items in any week, split between PvP, Mythic+, and raiding. All of these will increase in item level based on the difficulty of the content.

Note – a lot of this information is subject to information take from the Beta. We will update this with any changes on Dragonflight Season 1's launch date.

When does the Dragonflight Great Vault Open

The first earnable loot from the Great Vault will come in the second week of Season 1. So for NA, that's December 13th, for EU, that's December 14th. Loot earned in the first Great Vault will be done so during week one of Season 1, which begins December 6th/7th for NA and EU, respectively.

Where is the Great Vault in Dragonflight

You can find the Great Vault at the location mark below; you enter via the door to the left. The location, much like in Shadowlands, shares a room with the bank. For those looking for coordinates, you can find it at 55.52 57.23.

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Dragonflight Great Vault Location

As you enter the room, the Great Vault will be on your right. Below is what it will look like. You can click on this at any time to see what you've done that week. This can also be seen via the Great Vault icon on the map.
great vault2 1

Great Vault Objectives in Dragonflight

Once again, the requirements you need to meet for the Great Vault have changed in Dragonflight. Much like in Shadowlands, they've once again gotten slightly easier.

For the raid, with 8 bosses in the raid in total, you once again won't need to kill all of them to claim the max raid rewards in the Great Vault.

For Mythic+, things stay the same as in Shadowlands. The first reward will be based off your highest key, with future rewards working the same way. So, if you do 10 M+ dungeons, and 10 is your highest and the rest are all 4s, you will get at least 1 M+ ilvl at the 10 level. Lastly, PvP rewards were made slightly easier going into Dragonflight, though only for the third reward.

Raid Objectives

  • Defeat 2 Vault of the Incarnate bosses
  • Defeat 4 Vault of the Incarnate bosses (Reduced from 5 in Shadowlands)
  • Defeat 6 Vault of the Incarnate bosses (Reduced from 8 in Shadowlands)

Mythic Dungeons Objectives

  • Complete 1 Mythic+ dungeon
  • Complete 4 Mythic+ dungeons
  • Complete 8 Mythic+ dungeons

PvP Objectives

  • Earn 1250 Honor from Rated PvP
  • Earn 2500 Honor from Rated PvP
  • Earn 5000 Honor from Rated PvP (reduced from 5500 in Shadowlands)
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Dragonflight Great Vault Location

Full Mythic+ Great Vault Reward Breakdown

Below is a table of the item level you'll earn from each of the M+ levels in Dragonflight. This starts at M+ 2, and ends at +20 for Dragonflight S1. You'll also see the corresponding weekly great vault item level. What is interesting to note, once again, is that M+ will still not provide a Mythic raid level of item level.

M+ Keystone Level End of Dungeon ilvl Great Vault ilvl
2 376 382
3 376 385
4 379 385
5 379 389
6 382 389
7 385 392
8 385 395
9 389 395
10 392 398
11 392 402
12 392 405
13 392 408
14 395 408
15 398 411
16 398 415
17 402 415
18 402 418
19 405 418
20 405 421

Aspects' Token of Merit Reward – Dragonflight Season 1 Great Vault Alternative Currency

As always, if none of the loot in the Great Vault are for you, then there's an alternative. You can take 3 Aspects' Token of Merit. These can be exchanged next to the Great Vault at Evantkis (shown below) for two items:

  • Primal Chaos Cluster: Costing 3 Aspects' Token of Merti – offers the player a bag containing 10 Primal Chaos – one of the main crafting components in Dragonflight
  • Storm-Charged Manipulator: Costing 6 Aspects' Token of Merit – This item will add a socket to an item that doesn't have one already. It can be placed in Helms, Bracers, Belts, Rings, and Necks.

great vault2 1

WoW Dragonflight Great Vault Guide, Rewards, Start Date and More
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