WoW Classic Season of Discovery Tank Tier List Phase 2

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WoW Classic Season of Discovery Tank Tier List Phase 2

Here is our WoW Classic Season of Discovery Tank Tier List for PvE content.

Disclaimer before we start: This data is all from “leaked” data from the build on the WoW client, and based on the state of each class in OG Classic with the Rune changes taken into account. We'll update this post-release when we have more info as always.

So yeah, Season of Discovery is the latest “Season” for Classic WoW, and for the most part, it looks like the one most people wanted. In this Season of Discovery Tank Tier List we'll take a look at all the DPS specs and where we think everyone will find themselves.

PHASE 2: Updated for phase 2

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Season of Discovery Tank Tier List

Note, play what you want etc, this is just my opinion based on the pre-release patch notes and item descriptions. This will be changed post-release. Also, the specs are in “best” order within their Tier List.

Season of Discovery Tank Tier List S Tier:

  • Warrior
  • Shaman
  • Paladin
Season of Discovery Priest Best in Slot for Phase 2

Season of Discovery Tank Tier List A Tier:

  • Warlock

Season of Discovery Tank Tier List B Tier:

  • Rogue
  • Feral Druid

Season of Discovery Tank Tier List – A Closer Look

Feral Druid

Update: Sadly, Feral isn't looking so hot in the first phase.

Druid will get some big upgrades in SoD that should see them rise to the top of the tanking ranks. Warrior will be close behind, but Feral is highly likely to stand out. Feral lacks some of the passive mitigation of Warrior and Paladin due to the lack of a shield etc, however, Feral makes up for it in almost every other way.


Just as strong as ever, with great defensive power, strong cooldowns, and some good damage. Protection Warrior will be strong again in SoD, with new Rune powers helping to fill out the gaps in the kit. Plus, with the added power of Gladiator Stance down the road Protection is going to be a solid option.


As Phase 1 came to an end, it was clear Paladin was the cornerstone tank of Alliance raids. The ability to negate so many mechanics with Bubble meant Paladin's could easily solo tank the entire BFD raid within weeks, making them ideal for any raid team.

Shaman – Rogue – Warlock

So, the TLDR here is that Shaman is the best of the three, which is good considering the Horde are a tank light over Alliance. Warlock comes in second, with solid tank stats and solid aggro. Lastly is Rogue, which just doesn't feel ready for the big time just yet.

WoW Classic Season of Discovery Tank Tier List Phase 2
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