WoW Classic Season of Discovery Healer Tier List Phase 2

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WoW Classic Season of Discovery Healer Tier List Phase 2

Here is our WoW Classic Season of Discovery Healer Tier List for PvE content.

Disclaimer before we start: This data is all from “leaked” data from the build on the WoW client, and is based on the state of each class in OG Classic with the Rune changes taken into account. We'll update this post-release when we have more info as always.

So yeah, Season of Discovery is the latest “Season” for Classic WoW, and for the most part, it looks like the one most people wanted. In this Season of Discovery Healer Tier List we'll take a look at all the DPS specs and where we think everyone will find themselves.

PHASE 2: List updated for the end of Phase 1 in prep for Phase 2 and will be updated as soon as new info is released.

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Season of Discovery Healer Tier List

Note, play what you want etc, this is just my opinion based on the pre-release patch notes and item descriptions. This will be changed post-release. Also, the specs are in “best” order within their Tier List.

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Season of Discovery Healer Tier List S Tier:

  • Priest
  • Mage

Season of Discovery Healer Tier List A Tier:

  • Resto Druid
  • Holy Paladin

Season of Discovery Healer Tier List B Tier:

  • Resto Shaman

Season of Discovery Healer Tier List – A Closer Look


Update P2: Priest are still the most consistent healer, while they might lose out on HPS to Mage, their overall kit is so powerful.

Priest is the best healer at this level of WoW, and while the changes to other healers will help, it'll actually just make Priest better. One thing that makes Priest so key in Classic is their Class Racials (like Fear Ward). In SoD, those will be learnable by all Priest, thus making them amazing. Priest will be strong, you'll play a hybrid of Disc and Holy, though it will lean more towards Disc, though it doesn't matter a lot.

Holy Paladin

Holy Paladin is still looking like it'll be good, and while the main Paladin issues that SoD will fix will be Retribution and Protection, Holy will still bring some big numbers. Mana issues will remain, so get friendly with a Shadow Priest early and never let them leave you.

Resto Druid

Resto Druid are a very strong healer, and were we about to head into a 40-person raid tier they'd be S+… however, we're going into a much smaller scale raid setting, at least for the start. So, with that, Druid can stay in A for now, but honestly, assuming large-scale raids come later Druid is as solid a pick as any.

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Resto Shaman

Some nice improvements to Shaman in SoD, however, it won't make them the top dog right off the bat. The addition of Healing Rain is a big update for Shaman, and will certainly help bridge the gap to the other specs.


Update P2: Mage has proven so far to be one of, if not the best healers In Season of Discovery.

We can put Mage any higher with a straight face, so for now, it can go here. Most likely used as a sort of “support” healer, with one primary healer carrying the group, Mage healing is still a fun addition to the game and we can't wait to see how it plays out.

WoW Classic Season of Discovery Healer Tier List Phase 2
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