WoW Classic Season of Discovery DPS Tier List Phase 2

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WoW Classic Season of Discovery DPS Tier List Phase 2

Here is our WoW Classic Season of Discovery DPS Tier List for PvE content.

Disclaimer before we start: This data is all from “leaked” data from the build on the WoW client, and based on the state of each class in OG Classic with the Rune changes taken into account. We'll update this post-release when we have more info as always.

So yeah, Season of Discovery is the latest “Season” for Classic WoW, and for the most part, it looks like the one most people wanted. In this Season of Discovery DPS Tier List we'll take a look at all the DPS specs and where we think everyone will find themselves.

PHASE 2: Updated after week 1 of Phase 2

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Season of Discovery DPS Tier List

Note, play what you want etc, this is just my opinion based on the pre-release patch notes and item descriptions. This will be changed post-release. Also, the specs are in “best” order within their Tier List.

Season of Discovery Tier List S Tier:

  • Hunter (Melee)
  • Shadow Priest
  • Warlock

Season of Discovery DPS Tier List A Tier:

  • Survival Hunter
  • Combat Rogue
  • Assassination Rogue
  • Mage
  • Retribution Paladin
  • Warrior
  • Feral Druid
  • Balance Druid
  • Elemental Shaman
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Season of Discovery DPS Tier List B Tier:

  • Enhancement Shaman

Season of Discovery DPS Tier List C Tier

warrior mem

Season of Discovery DPS Tier List – A Closer Look

Comments from Phase 1

This section is being added to pre-release as we get more “leaks” from the live build.


Frost looks like the weaker of the 3 specs, while Fire and Arcane are likely to be very strong. Arcane especially looks really nice at the “end game” due to the hit chance talents, while Fire has a flat crit increase that could see it push out some scary numbers. You also have the ability to heal as a Mage now, which is fun.

Ret Paladin

Ret is looking solid at this early stage, and will finally see Ret move away from its Auto-Attack bot role that it had in Classic.

Shadow Priest

Shadow Priest is going to be a “wait till later” spec for us. Honestly, it's probably what I'll be playing myself, but Shadow will struggle early. But that's ok, because Blizzard is changing as they go, and we think Shadow will come good in the end.


Warlock is a save bet for SoD, and with the ability to Tank you gain a fun bonus attribute. Warlock will be a solid pick regardless, and the new changes look like they'll make Warlock one of the most popular classes.


Warrior is going to be strong, and that will only increase as SoD increases levels. We think they'll be mega from the off, but that won't change as we move up the levels. Fury especially is a beast in Classic, and it almost feels like SoD is designed to bring every other spec up to the same standard.

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Update: Hunter took a lot of DPS nerfs during phase 1, but came out on top for the most part. Expect any outlying DPS to get a similar nerf in Phase 2.

The only pure DPS class left as of SoD, Hunter will be a popular spec for players to pick up. Not only due to their DPS focus, but also to their relative safety throughout their leveling process and beyond.


While Shaman will lose its Bloodlust and WIndfury exclusivity, it looks set to be an okay DPS spec. We'll likely need to give the spec time to breathe, especially for Enhancement which should come online later into SoD.


Rogue is always a fun Class in a Classic setting, with Combat likely to be the main option in PvE. You'll also have a new option in the form of an Evasion Tank, which gives you a fun alternative playstyle in group content.


Druid is always a solid option in WoW, especially if you don't know what role to fill. Feral and Balance are getting some nice option to make them more viable. Feral was traditionally a bit of a joke spec in Classic, but in SoD it rises to the top to be one of the strongest and most useful specs.

WoW Classic Season of Discovery DPS Tier List Phase 2
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