When is the Fortnite Metallica Live Event? S3 Live Concert

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When is the Fortnite Metallica Live Event? S3 Live Concert

When is the Fortnite Metallica live event and how can you catch the in-game live concert that’s coming?

One of our biggest updates in Chapter 5 so far has been the Metallica content drop. It’s more than just another season of Festival. There are new items with the best Fortnite weapons, and even a Fortnite live event coming.

A Fortnite Metallica concert will be held to celebrate this new crossover. It won’t be happening for a short while though. Even though the Metallica content is in Rocket Racing and other game modes already, the concert won’t be for a short while still.

Taking place at just two different times, there’s going to be limited capacity for this event. Don’t show up on time, and you’re going to miss it. If you’re wondering when is the Fortnite Metallica live event, Epic’s got a clear schedule laid out.

There’s going to be a handful of different live concert dates for the Metallica crossover. Although, if you have plans over the weekend you might be out of luck.

You’ll need to make sure you’re showing up on time if you want to see everything going down. This is when you can catch the Fortnite live event and how it’s going to work.

When is the Fortnite Metallica Live Event?

When is the fortnite Metallica live event?

The Fortnite Metallica event is a new feature for this season of Festival. Unlike past artists like Billie Eilish, we’re getting an experience in-game alongside the content in the other game modes. It’s going to be a kind of in-game concert.

Not quite a full one, like we got for the first few events. But it seems like it’ll be a fun and polished event.

When can we expect to see this concert take place? It’s going to happen over these dates:

  • June 22
  • June 23
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It’s running a few times a day for the whole weekend. It doesn’t help wondering when is the Fortnite Metallica live event though. We do have exact times, depending on your time zone.

June 22

  • BST – 7/10 PM 4 AM
  • EST – 2/5/11 PM
  • CST – 1/4/10 PM
  • PST – 11 AM 2/8 PM
  • CET – 8/11 PM 5 AM

June 23

  • BST – 3/7/10 PM
  • EST – 10 AM 2/5 PM
  • CST – 9 AM 12/3 PM
  • PST – 7/10 AM 1 PM
  • CET – 4/8/12 PM

How can You Join the Metallica Concert in Fortnite?

When is the fortnite Metallica live event?

That’s when it’s taking place but how do you make sure you’re in the right lobby and all set to catch the show? You need to head to the right map.

The Metallica Concert isn’t one of those events taking over Battle Royale. Normal matchmaking will still be going on. There might even still be Fortnite esports tournaments happening. If you don’t know when the Fortnite Metallica live event is, you could miss it.

The event isn’t being held in Festival either. It’s actually probably taking place in a creative map. You’ll likely be able to see this promoted on the front page, or in Discover. The concert will be pushed to the front of Discover maps, so everyone should be able to easily find it in-game.

Like Legend’s Landing, it’ll be a fun collective map where you can join in. Rather than watching Fortnite pros though, it’s going to be an in-game concert. It’s only held twice, so be right on there on time for when the Metallica concert in Fortnite begins.

That’s when you can catch the concert event in-game. It won’t quite be the same as past Fortnite live events though. What exactly can we expect?

What Will Happen at the Metallica Fortnite Concert?

The Fortnite Metallica event is going to be a live convert, but not quite like the ones we’ve seen in the past. It’s somewhere between a live event and creative experience.

This will be a map where you can gather at an exact time to experience a type of gameplay aligned with the music of Metallica. It’s a way of scheduling an experience so you can take part with a large group. However, repeatable so it isn’t limited to just a handful of players.

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The Fortnite Metallica concert will be similar to the game-wide concerts we’ve seen in the past for artists like Arianna Grande. Taking place twice though it’s much more accessible to players.

Epic has rolled out all the stops for this Metallica crossover.

There are already holograms of the band in the game, plus tons of exciting new experiences across modes. If this is what’s being included in the other modes, we’re likely in for something special with this Fortnite Metallica event.

While it is being held twice, this will likely be it! If you want to see things, you’ll have to tune in then.

Will the Metallica Concert in Fortnite be Repeated?

When is the fortnite Metallica live event?

It’s scheduled for June 22-23rd. That’s when the Fortnite Metallica live event is. However, It’s going to be a one-time event, never to be repeated, at least we think!

Epic hasn’t repeated a live event like this yet. There’s no guarantee this won’t change. However, this is likely you’re only opportunity here.

When’s the Next Live Event?

With the Metallica live event wrapped up, what’s next? Epic has been keeping these kinds of things pretty regularly lately. The last two seasons ended with various storylines and in-game events changing things up.

We can probably expect things to start happening in a similar vein starting at the end of the season in August. It might not be a full live event or bigger than the Metallica concert in Fortnite. However, we can expect developments kind of like the Pandora’s Chest event or the sandstorm that closed up last season.

It’ll be a few more months before we get to any of this. There’s a Pirates of the Caribbean event coming up next though according to the roadmap leaks, so there’s plenty to be excited for in Fortnite at the moment.

When is the Fortnite Metallica Live Event? S3 Live Concert
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