When Does TFT Set 11 Release?

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When Does TFT Set 11 Release?

Riot Games have revealed the release date for TFT Set 11, titled Inkborn Fables.

Teamfight Tactics Set 11 is slated to be released next month, and Riot Games have revealed the teaser for the next much awaited set. After a massively successful music-themed set, Remix Rumble, Riot has prepared fans for the next set in the game, Inkborn Fables.

The patch is set to feature new Augments, traits, champions and mechanics, along with many other things that will make up the content for the next set. Set 11 seems to massively influenced by the deep history of Asian cultures, as the teaser gives fans a glimpse of whats to come next. Aphelios is seen in the teaser, with his sister Alune, along with many other things. The other champs that can be seen in the teaser are Immortal Journey Soraka, Elderwood Gnar, and skin-less Rammus are also the champions visible in the Teaser video.

TFT Set 11 Release Date for Inkborn Fables

Teamfight Tactics Patch 14.6 is titled Inkborn Fables, and is slated to be released on live servers on Wednesday, March 20th, 2024. The set features several mythological creatures, multiple heroes and the journey of Little Legends.

There is no concrete information besides the teaser and the name of the set we have, but as the release date of the set gets closer, we can expect Riot to reveal more information. The hype for the next set is through the roof, and with Riot dropping a teaser for the next Yordle unit, fans cannot wait to get their hands on Set 11.

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