When Does Fortnite Reload Release? Hype New Mode Time

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When Does Fortnite Reload Release? Hype New Mode Time

A new mode is coming, but when does Fortnite Reload release and we can get back to that Chapter 1 map?

It’s no secret that Fortnite OG was a recent peak for the Battle Royale in terms of popularity, and we’ve all been eagerly awaiting its return. Especially since Battle Royale saw such big changes to its core gameplay in Chapter 5 Season 3. A form of OG is about to come back though.

In a surprise drop, Epic has announced a brand-new mode. Sudden too, with just a day to go between announcement and the Fortnite Reload release date! What is the new mode though?

Why is it dropping so suddenly, when can we expect the Fortnite Reload release time? There’s a ton of questions so far and few answers. What can we expect?

When Does Fortnite Reload Release?

This week, Epic has just dropped a huge surprise on players. Fortnite Reload.

We don’t exactly know everything about how it’s going to work, but we do know one thing: The Fortnite reload release date.

The game is currently scheduled to come out on Saturday, June 22. This is the date the update is planned to drop.

When Does Fortnite Reload Release

It’s a bit of a weird decision though. Epic doesn’t normally do updates on Saturdays. There typically on Tuesdays, and even Thursdays when they get behind. No one’s complaining about having extra days to jump into a fresh mode though.

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However, this new mode is coming at the weekend. Kind of like the last two big game modes added which came over the weekend. The exact time is a little bit of a mystery right now, but usually, updates come at a specific schedule. The Fortnite servers always have downtime around the same time, with updates dropping once they’re back on.

Fortnite Reload Release Time

  • 11 AM PT
  • 1 PM CT
  • 2 PM EDT
  • 7 PM BST
  • 8 PM CET

That’s when the update is expected. Sometimes downtime can be a bit bigger though. So don’t panic too much if there’s a delay. That’s the scheduled time for when does Fortnite Reload release though.

The original release time was based on when the update got released. However, these new times are for the exact Fortnite Reload  release time! The game mode is only being released after the first Fortnite Metallica concert though, so there was a little longer to wait before the release time.

One nice thing about them putting the Fortnite Reload release date later in the day is it's easy for everyone to play. First thing in the morning there's always those who can't get online just yet. Since it's dropping in prime time, we can all jump in together once the time comes.

Fortnite Reload Release Date

That’s the time, but the Fortnite Reload release date is scheduled for Saturday, June 22. It’ll launch in the game in full once the patch is fully installed and downloaded.

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Sometimes for major releases, Epic’s servers get a bit overloaded though. We might see a queue to get in and play, but the title should be available on this date if you can wait through a bit of congestion!

What is Fortnite Reload?

Fortnite Loaded is a brand new mode from Epic, but what exactly is it? The tease so far makes a few things clear. The first is that it’s descended from Fortnite OG.

The comeback from Chapter 1 of the game was hugely popular. This year we’re getting Chapter 2 instead, but the original map will be adding a kind of return here at the Fortnite Reload release time. Epic has made clear it’s parts of the original map in use for Fortnite Reload.

The general impression seems to be that this will be a kind of Mini-Royale. Similar to Resurgence in Call of Duty.

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It’ll likely be based around a few POIs, with reboots happening throughout the match until the last circle. Quicker games, more action, less grinding, and a smaller player count. It’s a nice change of pace from standard Fortnite.

This kind of mode also suits those who miss the more core gunplay-focused parts of Fortnite. The current season is kind of bad for this, with cars everywhere. Which makes it the perfect time to drop the Fortnite Reload release.

We don’t know exactly how Fortnite Reload will work until we get to the actual release time. It looks like a pretty promising addition to the title though.

When Does Fortnite Reload Release? Hype New Mode Time
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