What’s Lethal Company and How Do I Protect My Family From It

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What’s Lethal Company and How Do I Protect My Family From It

Learn everything there is to know about the Coop survival-horror hit Lethal Company.

If you have spent any time on Twitch or YouTube as of late you've probably noticed all your favorites playing this little game called Lethal Company. So what's the fuss about? Is this game the next big thing or just a fad that'll eventually fade like all the rest? We explain!

Lethal Company – The Balancing Point

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Remember Among Us? That neat little game where you and your fellow crewmates had to maintain a ship while trying to advert everyone's imminent demise? What if there was a game where you could play with your friends against the terrors of the cosmos with all the thrills of an extraction shooter?

That is Lethal Company, a game where you and your comrades brave the vast unknown on company time, trying to make a dime off anything you find in the many, many abandoned facilities. And you're not alone, up to 4 players can suffer together and make sure they earn enough money to keep the company happy.

How Is It Played?

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The player and their colleagues land on a strange planet with a simple objective. Find as many valuables as possible, make the three-day quota, and live another day. Sounds easy enough if it wasn't for the strange monsters, creatures, and hazards playing the planets and facilities you have to visit.

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Players have to enter abandoned facilities after braving the wilds, explore the cryptic labyrinths, dodge the traps and monsters, and make it out alive with the loot. All of that happens under the gun of a timer because making the trek from the facility back to the ship during the night is very dangerous.

Lethal Company plays its last trick here, while you earn money by recovering plunder from the facilities, you can also spend the money on new tools that will make your life easier. Those tools also enable you to brave planets with bigger loot and bigger monsters and as long as you can cover the bottom line the risk is always worth the reward.

It is also here where Lethal Company's coop comes into play, losing a player to unfortunate accidents will leave the remaining players with fines, fines that can be mitigated by recovering the body. Everyone will respawn once the ship departs but the longer you stay, the more likely it is to invite disaster.

Luckily there are a variety of tools for players to choose from, some somewhat useful, others useless and some change the way you play the game from the ground up. Weapons can be used to defend yourself against some of the terrors you find and special tools might help you out in a pickle.

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The Appeal

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What makes Lethal Company such a class act of a game is how simple it is, yet its sandbox comes together in a way that makes every single round feel like a life-or-die situation. The amount of times crewmates had to be abandoned for the sake of securing a profit to make it one more round is a testament to it.

It's a game that will have you forge everlasting companionship and lets you curse the bloodline of your friends for doing something extremely stupid. And isn't that what Coop titles are all about?

Lethal Company is the perfect mix of survival thriller and cooperative nonsense with just the right amount of chaos to keep it interesting over several rounds. The game has only just launched into early access and the developer Zeekerss promises many more updates and an open ear to the community over the next few months until the full release.

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What’s Lethal Company and How Do I Protect My Family From It
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