What Is The Golden Planet In Lethal Company: Lore Explained

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What Is The Golden Planet In Lethal Company: Lore Explained

Every horror game has lore and so does Lethal Company, so here is the lore of the Golden Planet in the game explained

Lethal Company is a trendy co-op survival indie horror game published on October 24, 2023, by the developer, Zeekeerss which is currently in early access. The game is set in a post-apocalyptic and retrofuturistic dystopian world. A corporate organization named the “Company” hires players to explore abandoned and industrialized moons to collect scraps for sale and meet a profit quota every 3 days. During these exploration adventures on the moons, players occasionally come across tapes which are Data Entry Logs that can later. One such Data Entry Log is titled the “Golden Planet” and is one of the biggest mysteries in the game. 

Hence, keep on reading to learn everything we know about the Golden Planet in Lethal Company and the lore surrounding it.

Golden Planet in Lethal Company

As mentioned before, Lethal Game is a game that is currently in early access. For this reason, the lore of the game is not yet complete, but there is a lot to uncover through the Data Entry Logs. There are currently 12 Logs that can be found in the game, scattered throughout the 9 moons in the game. These Logs were created by the first crew ever sent on a contract by the Company, known as Sigurd’s crew which included Sigurd, Desmond, Richard and Jess. They created these Logs to maintain their sanity and keep track of things while completing their contract.

Out of all the 12 Logs, thus far, players have been able to find the locations of 5 Logs that are nowhere to be found or simply have not been added to the game yet. Among these 5 unknown Logs is the Log named “Golden Planet”, the fourth Log which was created someday in August 1968, the year that Sigurd and his crew were sent on their contract by the Company. Starting from the first Log, it seems pretty normal with just curious entries of odd things in the game, until things get progressively worse. 

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In the 5th Log named “Golden Planet,” a mysterious person calls Sigurd, the pilot of the ship (as he so dubbed himself because he stays behind and monitors his crewmates from the ship during scrap runs) and tells him about a planet made entirely of gold. He tells Sigurd that this planet was swallowed whole by a beast, who he believes is behind the “big wall” at the Company Building. Initially, Sigurd and his crew dismiss this whole idea as a prank when discussing it but then it is revealed that the planet truly exists in folklore. 

Now, we can tell that the “big wall” at the Company Building is none other than the wall separating the area where the ship lands and the area behind the shop counter where employees sell scrap. Behind the shop counter is the one and only Representative of the Company, who buys the scrap from the employees and it is known as Jeb the Tentacle Monster

What Is The Golden Planet In Lethal Company: Lore Explained

As we all know, it is a faceless beast that is known to have two types of tentacles, one that is a black, slimy and thin appendage and the other is a large and thick red appendage with spikes all over it. Jeb uses the black tentacle to swoop in the scraps from the counter when employees are selling them and it uses the red one to kill the nearest employee it can reach when it is pissed off from too much noise coming from the bell used to notify it, from employees speaking or from objects such as the toy robot or horns.

Now, players of Lethal Company theorize that Jeb is the one who swallowed this mysterious Golden Planet which the enigmatic caller told Sigurd about on the phone call which was initially dismissed as a prank call. It would make sense because this beast seems to be very large and powerful, considering his growls, the sheer size of the tentacles and the brute force with which it kills. 

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Not only that, in previous Logs, specifically in the 3rd Log when Sigurd talks about hearing screams from behind the “big wall” at the Company Building, it could be from the past employees who were ruthlessly killed by Jeb. It would explain the reason why Sigurd couldn’t see the interior of the Company Building when he shined his flashlight through the opening of the shop counter out of curiosity. As for the Golden Planet, it is theorized to be the most valuable moon in the dystopian world of Lethal Company, believed to be made entirely of gold, which will be highly profitable for the Company. 

As of now, that is all that the game reveals about the planet made of gold in Sigurd’s Logs and we can only hope that a future update or the full-access release of the game will complete this mysterious lore. 


Needless to say, the mysterious lore is surely terrifying and something that will keep the employees of the Company thinking for a while. Many questions arise from the current employees including disturbing ones such as are we playing as Sigurd and his crew, who have completely forgotten their existence to become robot-like humans with the sole purpose of collecting scraps for the Company? 

The answers to questions like these are unknown and we can only hope that the Golden Planet will be added to the game in the future along with the full story. Hence, make sure to read up on everything we know about the planet made of gold thus far and stay tuned for more such Lethal Company from ESTNN in the future!

What Is The Golden Planet In Lethal Company: Lore Explained
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