What Does Radiation Do In Lethal Company: How It Functions

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What Does Radiation Do In Lethal Company: How It Functions

We all know that Lethal Company has something called Radiation inside the facilities when the Apparatus is removed. Hence, what does Radiation do?

Lethal Company is a very trending co-op survival indie horror game that was published on 24 October 2023 by the developer, Zekeerss which is currently in early access. The game is set in a retrofuturistic and post-apocalyptic dystopian world. An anonymous corporate organization hires the players named the “Company” to explore abandoned and industrialized moons to collect scraps for sale. During these exploration adventures on the abandoned moons, players’ sole objective is to collect as many scrap items as possible to fulfill the profit quota while facing many lethal creatures.

One of the scrap items that players can choose to collect as loot is the Apparatus, a radioactive item that powers the whole facility. However, when the Apparatus is removed and collected, the radioactive particles are released and a warning is sent to all players that the radiation levels have increased. Hence, what does Radiation do and how does it function in Lethal Company? Keep on reading to find out all about the Radiation feature.

What does Radiation do in Lethal Company?

What Does Radiation Do In Lethal Company: How It Functions
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As mentioned earlier, Radiation in Lethal Company is completely tied in with the Apparatus or “Apparatice” as it is dubbed in the game. The Apparatice is a radioactive glowing fusion cell of power. It is used to power or provide energy to the entire facility. It is placed inside a socket in a large machine that is generating energy for the facility. This large machine with the Apparatice inside the designated socket is located in a specific room inside the facility, the generator room.

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When using the scanner on the Apparatice, it shows the value of the scrap item as “???” and even after removing it from the machine, it is the same. When a player removes the Apparatice from its socket inside the large machine, the lights inside the facility flicker and go out entirely. Then, a warning is given to all players which says “70mv increased radiation levels”, but this does not affect them. So, what does Radiation do? As of now, the game is in early access so what we can gather is that it is a yet-to-be-added feature in the game.

This theory is further solidified by the fact that there is a suit called the Hazard Suit in the ship upgrades section, which is just a cosmetic suit upgrade at the moment. It is a yellow suit specifically with a nuclear waste symbol on it, which can mean that in the future it will be used to combat Radiation inside facilities once the Apparatus has been removed. Maybe Radiation will become a health hazard to employees, who upon staying inside the facility for too long may die from it.

However, for now, removing the Apparatus from its socket is guaranteed to spawn at least two monsters instantly as the entire facility goes dark, becoming a breeding ground for monsters. The power being cut also results in all the powered doors that can be controlled from the Terminal in the ship being shut down, though the Sentry Turrets and Landmines work just fine. For this reason, it would be wise to always remove the Apparatus and take it back to the ship at the end of a scrap run for a safe exit. The Radiation warning is just, in fact, a harmless warning, but who knows what it could mean in the future? Only time and new updates will tell.

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Needless to say, there are indeed a lot of myths about Radiation in the game. As the game is still in early access, we can only hope that Radiation will be a new type of hazard in the game. Not only will it add more purpose to the Apparatus and the radioactive particles, but it will also enhance the gameplay and add more features to the game. Hence, read up on all the information given above about what does Radiation do and how it functions properly. Make sure to check out our article about what the Apparatus is in Lethal Company to learn more about the Apparatus and its lore in the game.

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What Does Radiation Do In Lethal Company: How It Functions
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