Lethal Company Apparatus: What Is It And How To Find It

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Lethal Company Apparatus: What Is It And How To Find It

There are many scraps in Lethal Company but one of the most interesting ones is the Apparatus. Hence, here is how to find it in the game

Lethal Company is a trending co-op survival indie horror game developed and published by Zeekeerss on October 24 2023 and it is currently in early access. It is a game set in a post-apocalyptic and retrofuturistic dystopian world where the players are hired by an anonymous corporate organization named the “Company” to explore different abandoned and industrialized moons in search of scraps to collect for sale. The employees have to collect these scraps and sell them to the Company while meeting a profit quota every 3 days. There are a lot of scraps in the game and they are all of different values in terms of Credits, which is the in-game currency.

One such interesting piece of scrap that can be found inside the facilities is the Apparatus or Apparatice as it is called in the game. It is like the energy provider or powerhouse of the entire facility, so what exactly is it and how do you find it? Hence, keep on reading to find out what the Apparatus is in Lethal Company and how to find it. 

Apparatus in Lethal Company

Lethal Company Apparatus: What Is It And How To Find It
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The Apparatus or Apparatice as it is called in the game, is a radioactive glowing fusion cell of power. It is used to power or provide energy to the entire facility. It is placed inside a socket in a large machine that is generating energy for the facility. This large machine with the Apparatice inside the designated socket is located in a specific room inside the facility, the generator room.

When using the scanner on the Apparatice, it shows the value of the scrap item as “???” and even after removing it from the machine, it is the same. Selling the scrap, however, always gives the same amount of value which is 80 Credits and it weighs 37-40 lbs/pounds. 

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When an employee removes the power cell from its socket inside the large machine, the lights inside the facility flicker and go out entirely. Then, a warning is given to all players which says “70mv increased radiation levels”, but this does not affect them. However, removing the Apparatus from its socket is guaranteed to spawn at least two monsters as the entire facility goes dark. The power being cut also results in all the powered doors that can be controlled from the Terminal in the ship being shut down, though the Sentry Turrets and Landmines work just fine. 

The most mysterious thing about the Apparatice is that it has another purpose that has not been added to the game yet. There is a secret room under the main area of the Company Building on the moon, Gordion, where there is a giant almost bomb-looking generator. This large generator has two sockets on its side which is the same as the one for the Apparatus inside the facility’s large machine used for power. Nothing is known about the use of the item in this unknown generator so far, but there surely will be an update in the future that utilizes the Apparatice for a greater purpose. 

Apparatus in Lethal Company: How to find it

Now that you know everything that there is to know about the Apparatus in Lethal Company, it is time to know how to find it. As mentioned previously, the Apparatice is found inside a special room inside the facility known as the Generator room which provides power to the entire facility. However, how do you find this Generator room?

As all of the maps are randomly generated with a random map multiplier, there is no guarantee for where the Generator room will spawn. However, the Generator room is always located in the basement area of the facility and it is always the only room in that area with two doors to enter it. Sometimes these doors are locked and require a key or Lockpicker to open them. Once you get inside the room, the Apparatus will be placed inside a socket, hooked to a large machine against the wall. However, removing the item from its place is a different story. 

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How to remove the Apparatus

Removing the Apparatice from its place in the facility has a strategy to do it properly without dying to sneaky monsters that spawn in the darkness. Hence, here is how to remove the Apparatice properly from the Generator room step by step: 

  • Step 1: Once you locate the Generator room, make a mental note of where it is and go empty out your inventory at the nearest exit of the facility or the ship. Also, make sure to station someone on the ship with walkie talkies for communication. This will ensure that you can find the exit safely.

  • Step 2: Keep a shovel with you just in case you have to fight a pesky Hoarding Bug and go into the Generator room.

  • Step 3: Grab the Apparatus from its socket and make a run for it straight to the nearest exit with help from your teammate on the ship through the walkie talkie. 

With that, you’re done getting the Apparatice safely from the facility and have secured 80 Credits for the whole team.


Needless to say, the Apparatus is surely a very mysterious scrap item in the game. All players of the game are certain that a future update will bring some use for the item, specifically in the secret room under the Company Building with the large generator. Hence, make sure to read up on all the information given above about the scrap and get your team an easy 80 Credits income. Make sure to check out our scrap list for Lethal Company to learn the value of other scraps in the game and stay tuned for more such content in the future from ESTNN!

Lethal Company Apparatus: What Is It And How To Find It
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