Warhammer TV Series with Henry Cavill is Officially Underway!

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Warhammer TV Series with Henry Cavill is Officially Underway!

Announced last December, the Warhammer TV Series starring Henry Cavill has been confirmed by Games Workshop!

Even though we had some disappointing reveals lately – such as Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine 2 getting delayed to September 9th, 2024 – we finally got some good news! The Warhammer 40k TV Series announced last year is officially underway, with none other than Henry Cavill filling the role of executive producer!

Warhammer TV Series starring Henry Cavill is official!

The new hit Warhammer Community on December 18th. Games Workshop revealed that they signed the full agreement with Amazon Studios, which means that proper work can finally start!

None of the details are ironed out, which means that the creators can go into any direction. There have been speculations about a series about Eisenhorn, but Amazon could be aiming for something bigger such as the Horus Heresy.

In the sentence where Games Workshop confirms Henry Cavill’s involvement as an Executive Producer, they talked about The Witcher’s star bringing his Sword and Spear to the mix alongside his ideas. Do you know who has a Sword AND a Spear? The God Emperor of Mankind.

Warhammer TV Series Henry Cavill

Obviously, this is only a guess, and one that’s answer won’t be revealed until a few years. But now that the paperwork is all done, GW and Amazon Studios can start giving life to our favourite characters!

Warhammer TV Series with Henry Cavill is Officially Underway!
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